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Report 22/9/16

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:22 am
by Nicole Penfold
Some sizeable seven gilled and bronze whaler sharks kicking around out off Gabo and the aerials this week. Anchoring up, setting up a big berley trail and fishing whole fish baits like salmon and stripey tuna on the bottom has been the way to get connected with one of these guys.

Fishing smaller fish fillets in the berley whilst waiting for the bigger sharks has also been producing a few school and gummy sharks.

The flathead aren't red hot but consistent with some decent bags coming in from anglers fishing various depths between Talaberga and Gabo. Fishing cubed salted pilchards has had the best results.

The break wall has been holding plenty of trevally and salmon with soft plastic curl tail lures taking some good fish.

Beaches have been a bit patchy this week. Loads and loads of small salmon between 20-30cm getting around in the gutters. Fishing lighter than usual and using smaller lures has been the way to go with scores of 30+ fish being taken.

The bigger salmon have been a bit trickier to find. Spending time at likely looking gutters and putting in the casts has been the way to catch these guys as the schools have spread right out. Metal lures and blue bait taking the fish.

Main wharf still harbouring some big luderick but they haven't been responding too well to any baits in particular. Most baits have been working though with bass yabbies, green and brown weed and mussel taking some fish.

Coul's Inlet has had some nice black and yellowfin bream. Fishing very lightly weighted prawns on 4-6lb has been the way to go. Try using very small octopus style hooks to minimise the risk of a fish detecting it as they have been pretty finicky.

Karbethong jetty holding some good bream and trevally. Prawns fished on the bottom and vibes have been taking fish.

The flats around the lake are finally starting to fire back up with numbers of fish beginning to show up. Rolling chubby style hard bodies will produce bream, trevally and flathead. (still a bit early for sand whiting)

Most edges around the lake have held plenty of big bream, taking advantage of the high tides. Fishing plastics down the drop offs have been taking these fish. Baits also working.

Some schools of fish still scattered around in about 6-7ft of water. Bream and flathead have been responding to vibes out here pretty well.

The upper reaches near Gypsy Point have been taking a few large estuary perch on bass yabbies.

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