Report 6/4/18

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Report 6/4/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:30 pm

Although we are now in the month of wise we are still very much still in summer! We have had a few of those cooler autumn mornings and nights but with temps tip to hit 30 degrees over the weekend and next week where just not quite there yet. Autumn, like many, is my favourite time of the year. So come on summer weather give us your best and be gone!

It seems the fish are under the impression it’s still summer also. In the upper reaches in Shoalhaven’s brackish areas the bass are still biting well on Jackal chubby’s and spinner baits but as I said with the hot weather coming up I would definitely be offering a surface lure to them early mornings.

There has been some nice jew up around the 10kg mark around the Nowra Bridge and showground rocks as well as some big bream on the top of the tide. There are plenty of whiting on numerous sand flats throughout the river on the high tide and they are still taking surface lures such as the Bassday Sugarpens and Daiwa Slippery dogs. The River at the moment is also harbouring some big big tailor and I mean big.... like Basin sized fish! So if you’re wondering what’s busting you up there’s your answer.

Jervis Bay has come alive over the past week with the big April full moon really sparking some action. Middle Ground, Longnose and a few of the shallow water spots are producing some nice reds on plastics and baits. There are also plenty of flattys around the entrance to the bay and squid around Murrays early morning or night time. The bay is full of garfish at the moment both big and small which are good for both bait and eating. Rat kings are a plenty but most are undersize so have to be chucked back. Seems sacrilege doesn’t it, tossing back a 64cm fish when you’re out there to get a couple of fish to feed
your family. But the rules are the rules!

The rock ledges both north and south of the bay are fishing well for small pelagics, again rat kings and the odd larger one are a plenty as well as some good sized bonito. Bonnies are one of the most underrated table fish in the sea. Caught, bleed and put on ice straight away they are pretty dam good. I know it’s pretty hard to do this on the rocks but check out some of the chillier bags on the market. With a little bit of ice and a saltwater slurry they will stay preserved for a little while.

Offshore there are still marlin being caught in our waters, both in close around The Banks and out wide on the shelf. Dolly’s are also still being caught on the shelf and rumours of the odd Wahoo and big yellowfin are keeping anglers interested. Should be an interesting weekend with the Kiama game fishing comp kicking off on Saturday. It will be good to see what’s caught.

On the beaches April is typically the start of jewie season, and right on queue it is starting to take shape with a few nice fish starting to show. Most of our ocean beaches produce jew or mulloway if you want to get technical, so it’s just a matter of finding “a” a bait source “b” a good gutter and “c” some silly bugger willing to stand out there with you in the cold. Although a lot of beach jewie fisho’s do like to fish on there own. At the moment there is plenty of bait in the form of tailor and salmon so you shouldn’t have a problem getting bait.

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