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Report 31/5/18

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:31 pm
by Nicole Penfold
yet another big southerly weather system is here just in time for the weekend! It looks as though there will be no boating this weekend. Shore based fishing only me thinks. Sure there will be somewhere you can get out of it but I don’t think it will be very pleasant. If you are one to brave the cold windy conditions and would like to catch a feed the south side of Jervis Bay is firing for cephalopods in the squid variety. In other words there are plenty of squid to be caught!. I’ve had numerous reports this week of bag limits being reached quite quickly. And remember it is only 10 per person in Boderee waters. Jig colour doesn’t seem to matter too much but I’ve been told if you can get your hands on a yellow jig you will clean up definitely. Now we only have one type of yellow jig in the shop here in amongst our massive range so if you don’t want yellow we have you covered with just about every other colour and size. There has been no one crying about the leather jackets this week so hopefully they have moved on, for now anyway.

Once we get this next week of bad weather out of the way the snapper will well and truly be worth a look in close and in the bay. The last big full moon of April saw a few big fish in the 20lb plus mark come out of the bay so as soon as you can I would be giving it a go. Don’t write off fishing from the shore for them either if it’s too rough to get the boat out, as long as it’s safe where you are going.

The lower Shoalhaven has some bream starting to show up and along with flattys and tailor you should be able to bring home a feed. If you are wondering where the whiting are I have it on good merit that if you head up to around the top of Longreach a few KLM’s up from the animal park you should be able to get onto a few real big fella’s as well as some small school jew. Most of the jew have been undersize but still good fun on your light gear. If you happen to tangle with a few bass up here just remember it is closed season on these guys so all fish must be returned to the water ASAP.

This weekend ile be heading across to the mountains to fish for those elusive trout. With closed season coming the weekend after this it really is my last opportunity. The weather isn’t looking the best but we will see how we go. If you’re interested in what’s happening up there for next weekend call in next week and there should be a few reports as I know of several others heading that way this weekend too.

Good luck to all braving the weather the next few days and stay safe...remember there is always another day!

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Gav with a nice red from a couple of weeks back caught in close just after the previous big blow.