Report 4/10/18

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Report 4/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:40 pm

And down came the rain....even though it’s the school holidays we do need it, so don’t wish it away too soon. It will also be a big plus for the fishing in our local waters if it keeps up for a few days!

Each week now I’m starting to hear more and more reports of fish becoming a little more active as we head towards summer. There are a few pics of good fish being sent in by customers and I’ve also seen some good ones floating around the social media sights. Check out the pics below...these fish were all recent catches from our local waters so there are fish to be caught when you put in the time and it’s always great to see the kids getting out and about doing it.

Although the bass are quiet in the Shoalhaven River there are plenty of estuary perch to keep things interesting. From the Nowra Bridge up to the top of Longreach is where they are concentrated at the moment so anywhere in between you should be able to nail a few. For boating anglers an early morning or late afternoon session will give you best results when the holiday boat traffic is at its least. If you are a shore based angler, behind The Perfect Catch fish and chip shop on the north east side of the bridge at night is a good spot or behind the rowing club on the south west side of the bridge. Blades, plastics and hard body minnows all work, it’s just a matter of working out where they are feeding at the time.

Offshore the snapper have finally come on the bight in decent size and numbers, and they seem to be quite spread out. In close and out wider has produced good catches. Big soft plastics on heavy jig heads in the deep water are working as well as micro jigging whilst in close a lighter approach with more lure “hang time” is getting better results. Wash fishing with lightly weighted baits is another option when conditions are right with some pretty big fish being caught and lost by anglers on recent trips. Looking at Seabreeze for the next week we have southerly winds forecast for pretty much every day so offshore fishing may not be that pleasant but keep an eye on it because there may be a few lulls where conditions are right to have a crack at some of these good fish.

Around The Banks slimy mackerel are starting to school in big numbers and there is some warm water looking though it is starting to push down on the charts so it may be time to start sniffing around out wide for that early run of stripe marlin we have seen in the past or even an early season black on The Banks!

Around the rocks there have been kings up to around 12kg caught with anglers throwing stickbaits and poppers. In-store we have a pretty decent range of stick baits and poppers for kings and for all budgets so come in and check them out. There have also been bream, drummer and trevally taking baits in the washes so there is plenty of good quality eating fish on offer for the rock fisho’s.

Well enjoy the rain... be patient, especially on the roads and water, stay safe and catch plenty. And we would love to see more pics of your school holiday catches.

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At the moment you can expect to catch quality reds like this one Gilly caught on a recent outing.

Estuary perch like this one Mitchel Preston caught are prevalent in our river at the moment. There hard hitters and awesome fighters!

It's great to get pics back from our customers. This youngster was in the shop getting a new rod and reel. Fishing the next day christining it with this awesome bream from St Georges Basin.

School holiday fun in the sun...Nate, Ava & Jet Taylor enjoying our sport.

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