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Report 1/5/19

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 3:52 pm
by Nicole Penfold
OUT WIDE the MARLIN bite is coming to an end in saying that a lucky few anglers are still managing to hook, tag and release a few fish. With Mr. Stick face leaving our waters all our attention turns to ( YFT) YELLOW FIN TUNA searching that 800-1000 fathom line would be your best bet while searching for them. We have TRAP PILLYS AND 14KG IQF fully stocked ready for the TUNA season ahead.

IN CLOSE it’s been all about the red hot SNAPPER bite going on. All the regular haunts from the washers to middle grounds in the bay are holding good quality fish. With that little bit of warmer water hanging in close we have some smaller to medium sized SAMSON fish hanging about hook one of these warm water speedsters and hold on! For the weekend gatherer looking for a feed of FLATHEAD the LUND’S SQUID has been working a treat over them well known areas like off the surf club at Shoalhaven heads or again middle ground in the bay just watch out for them bloody leather jackets.

IN THE RIVER the last fortnight has again seen massive numbers of small to legal sized SNAPPER that go a treat on the bbq smaller sized plastics and our river PRAWNS have been enticing them in. Some of our regular customers have been reporting captures of JEW from that soapy size up to the metre mark. Coming into winter I’m confident working them tides and or finding the bait we will see some bigger JEW. On the bait side of things getting out early and gathering YAKKA’S just outside of the Crookhaven River has been working well for a bait option.

ST GEORGES BASIN has really been the stand out of all the systems around our area with some really big BREAM in shallow water keen to take lightly weighted soft plastics. The squidgy fish 70mm bio tough in cracked pepper or pumpkin seed has been hands down the best performer. In one cracking session myself and Ian from Fergo’s tackleworld put together a bag of bream well in the 4.5kg mark pretty funny for a couple guys who don’t fancy ourselves as BREAM fisherman. With plenty of SNAPPER, FLATHEAD and some big SILVER TREVALLY keen to eat it really shapes up for a cracking time, how good is autumn?

2/5/19 tides
LT12.26am 0.6M LT12:43PM
HT6:26AM 1.49M HT19:00PM 1.54

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