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Report 18/11/15

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 9:27 am
by Nicole Penfold
It’s looking good for the last few weeks of spring and into the start of summer. Not only has the estuary and freshwater scene been going great guns but now the offshore fishing has begun to fire up with a good showing of kingfish both in close around the cliffs and also out around the banks. Jigs, soft plastics and baits are accounting for the fish at the banks with some nice fish around the 6-10kg mark whilst in close most of the better fish are still being taken on live squid fished down deep. If you are after one of these hoodlums, 50-80lb tackle is a must and still then it’s sometimes not enough to stop these powerful fish as they fight for their freedom often leaving anglers leaning over the gunnels of the boat wondering what they just hooked.

In the shop this week Jewfish, flathead and again the mighty Australian Bass have all been pretty popular topics as there are plenty of each of these species on offer in various locations. Jewfish, did somebody say jewfish? I thought that would get some interest! Yep there are plenty around, from the canal to Broughten creek and right up past the Nowra Bridge there have been some nice fish taken the last few weeks, the best I’ve heard of was a 28kg fish taken earlier this week and that was up the Nowra end of the river. There are plenty of smaller specimens being taken also with some anglers getting six or seven fish in a session.

In St Georges Basin some nice Jewfish have also been caught during the past couple of weeks with a lot of these fish being released to swim another day! It’s great to see Jewies now being a real proposition in the Basin and actually being targeted by anglers in the know.

This weekend St Georges Basin is again hosting a fishing competition. The Chris Webber Memorial Flathead fishing comp is on again. The kick off is on Saturday 21st Nov at 5:30am and runs till 1pm the same day, the entry fee is minimal at only $10 which includes your lunch, it’s always a great day on the water or back at the Sussex Inlet Bolo if the weather turns to foul. This is a great friendly social comp with plenty of young 'uns fishing too. For info on the day you can call Geoff Webber on 0432292673.

For the Bass fisho’s its all go, go, go at the moment, the fish are smashing lures of all sorts, surface, divers and spinner baits are all accounting for fish in most rivers, creeks and dams in our area. Southern Bass had their annual tournament last weekend up on Tallowa dam with most anglers catching fish. Between the 40 or so anglers fishing they managed somewhere up around 1000 fish caught and released for the weekend. It’s a great fishery; the only downfall I guess is that there is no electric motor power permitted making it hard to cover the huge area of water, especially for the disabled or physically challenged who love there bass fishing, oh that and the phantom fish way that never seems to work, but that’s another story for another time!

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