Report 26/11/15

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Report 26/11/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:42 pm

This past week has seen some more hot fishing action around the traps as the season of spring comes to an end and we roll on into what I’m sure is going to be a long hot summer both fishing and weather wise. With temps already soaring to over the 40 degree mark a couple of times in recent weeks early starts or late arvo sessions I think will become more popular as summer goes on as anglers try and escape that harsh mid-day sun that if you’re not prepared for can leave some nasty sun burns! In this day and age and with the knowledge we have of skin cancer and melanoma’s there should be no excuse for getting sun burnt, just a little preparation before you head out can save a lot of pain. If you’re not into putting on sunscreen there are other options; long sleeve sun shirts with a upf ratting of 30 are available from Shimano and are very popular with not only the fisho’s but other outdoor sport enthusiast’s as well, for the face a lot of fisho’s are now getting into the face buffs which offer you both protection but still let the breeze through for coolness. So slip slop slap or suffer the consequences this summer!

So I suppose your all waiting to hear about this hot fishing action! Ok I won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Just a couple of reminders first. Firstly for the guy’s interested in chasing a few cod over summer the 1st of December is open season for these critters and with three notable dams that hold cod within a three hour drive of Nowra it’s a definite proposition! Secondly remember it is summer so for the anglers on foot or in Canoes or Kayak’s watch out for snakes as there has been an alarming amount around over spring.

Ok now let’s go fishing! Firstly St Gorges Basin is still producing plenty of those croc sized flathead. The number one lure of choice would still have to be the large squidgy prawn with the paddle tail in the cracked pepper colour closely followed by the 4inch gulp nemesis in a range of colours. Make sure you have a good lure collection if hitting the basin as there also some XOS tailor in there at present busting up the unaware fisho left, right and center!

For the offshore fisho the kings are still on around the cliffs the bombies and both the banks and the shallows with some nice fish around the 20kg mark being taken this past week. Snapper have also been in good numbers these past couple of weeks both south and north of Jervis bay. Whilst in the bay the squid are definitely still there but are playing hard ball for some anglers. Remember it is a full moon at present so that can send all species into haywire and crazy mode so don’t be deterred if you come home with nothing, the next day could be a cracker! Finally for the beach fisho’s some nice whiting have shown up and in good numbers and with that nice big moon there should be some good high tides to get those whiting into the close in gutters.

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Jack Shakelton with nice bass from a sneaky creek trip last week.

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