Report 15/1/16

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Report 15/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:51 am

The prawning in Lake Wollumbulla is still nothing short of sensational....although overall the numbers have diminished somewhat from last dark there are still plenty of prawns to be caught and the average size is a little better also, if they survive the onslaught of prawner’s this dark they will be a really good size the next one. In the 15 years I’ve been working at McCallums Tackle World I’ve never seen so many prawn nets and lights go out of the shop doors and it’s great to see so many families getting involved ....just another reminder to stick to the fisheries rules when prawning as the officers have been out and about and catching plenty of people doing the wrong thing! If you’re unsure of the rules and regs you can look them up on the D.P.I. website under recreational fishing regulations for NSW.

Offshore the Marlin have made an appearance but with most of the action a little north off Kiama and there have been some nice dolphin fish been caught in the past weeks also as you can see in the below photo. The Marlin have mainly been stripes and are being caught on both bait such as live slimies and skirted lures in the form of the Polukai brand with colours varying depending on the day.

In closer there have been some nice reds south of the bay around Stoney Creek and the ruined lighthouse and inside JB there have been plenty of pan sized reds around Creswell, Longnose and Plantation Point. Squid in around the usual haunts of Murray’s break wall on the south side of the bay and Longbeach on the north can be taken but either early or late in the day with so much boat traffic making things quiet mid-day.

Plenty of Sambo’s have been patrolling the ocean beaches for those looking for a bit of fun tossing metals, the southern facing beaches of Target and Steamers are both good ones to escape that strong Nor-Easter wind that at times has been just relentless blowing well into the late evenings.

For the bass fisho’s the upper Shoalhaven is still fishing well but please be aware of the current conditions with plenty of flow in the freshwater sections making some of the rapids and runs dangerous, there have been a couple of near misses in the past week with canoes being swamped mid rapid and fisho’s losing most of their gear but luckily not their lives. If you happen to find any gear floating down the river whilst fishing you can bring it into the shop, as we know some of the people who have lost gear. So back to the fishing the bass are still smashing surface lures left right and centre and at the moment in the shop we seem to be having a run on the Megabass Siglets, in fact they are so popular they are even being stolen from our shelves...yep stolen!

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47 Kinghorne St
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Ph: (02) 4421 2418
'CC' with his 21.5kg dolphin fish from the Drum Canyons last weekend.
Jacquie Howarth with her first ever marlin.
Choen with his first marlin out of his new rig.

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