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Report 29/1/16

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:50 pm
by Nicole Penfold
I hope you all had a fantastic and fishy Australia Day, I had planned to fish on the beach for salmon and tailor but with conditions not perfect and a little bit of rain around I went for plan B... headed to Currarong, got some fish and chips from Zac’s Place for lunch, sat down by the water with my wife and watched fishing boats come and go, making the most of the upgraded ramp facilities the area has seen over the past couple of years. It really is a great ramp now for two up. Keep in mind it still is an ocean ramp so be wary of the surge or you may end up with your boat sideways on the trailer. I did also notice a fairly large vessel doing circles a couple of km’s off Currarong but not quite sure what it was. Long liner, trawler?

OK guys its marlin time! Yep that’s right, they have finally shown up of our coast. Over the past week there have been both stripes and blacks at the banks along with packs of whaler sharks making it hard to keep a bait in the water for the marlin. There have also been a couple of beakies sighted in close around the mouth of the bay so it shouldn’t be too long before the land based and small boat fisho’s start hooking a few in close. Typically the first run of blacks at the banks is of larger fish and it seems this year is no different, with anglers hooking and sighting fish upwards of the 150kg mark. Most of the fish are being taken on live baits, but I have heard a of a couple being hooked on lures and even kingy jigs! So get into it while they’re there and the weather allows you to, because who knows what’s going to happen with this topsy-turvy summer!

For the estuary fisho, St Georges Basin is slowly starting to come back into its own after the Christmas holiday onslaught. Bream, whiting and even a few nice Jewfish are all being taken throughout the Basin, although the whiting are proving hard to find for some anglers. From what I can get out of the guys catching the Jewfish it seems as though these fish are hanging around patches of bait throughout the system, looking for an easy feed!

On the beaches the big groundswell we had earlier in the week has moved a fair bit of sand around from last week and new gutters and holes have formed. Just when you find a nice gutter and plan to fish it one night for a Jew, good old mother nature comes and ruins your plans!

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Andy "Redlight" Clark with a striped marlin caught on board 'Yoda' last week.