Report 12/2/16

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Report 12/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:02 pm

For the past four to five weeks the talk about town in the fishing fraternity has been focused almost entirely on the amazing marlin season we are having just off our coast! It’s been one of those seasons where everything has just fallen into place. Weather wise we’ve had good days and bad days but anglers are still heading to sea on those bad days hoping for the trip of a lifetime! Out at the banks it’s been described as mayhem, kayos and insane as boat after boat make their way to this iconic location in search of their tough adversary. Boats are having days which are normally far and few between with hook-ups on these amazing sportfish going into double figures. The majority of fish are being released which is a great thing to see as long as the time is spent reviving the fish properly after sometimes a two hour battle.

But at the same time you should never begrudge anyone from taking a fish if they plan on getting it moulded or splitting it up between there crew and families for a feed, after all they do pay their fishing fee like anyone else and are entitled to take a fish. At the end of the day a fish is a fish whether it be 100 grams or 100kg and I think some people can be way to hypocritical of other anglers and not really think about what they are actually doing themselves. Let me tell you there is nothing humane about catching a small slimy mackerel, sticking a 10/0 hook through its back then sending it back into the water in front of a hungry fish two hundred times its size! But of course that is only my view and opinion and we are all entitled to have our say! Any way I’ve had my say so let’s get back to the fishing!

Apart from the marlin, plenty of other fish are biting in our local waters. The Crookhaven River over the past two weeks has had a good run of reasonable sized flathead. Being a shallower river system, the squidgy prawn in the 80mm paddle tail in cracked pepper or bloodworm weighted with a 1/6 or 1/8 jig head in a 2/0 size hook is working a treat along with the gulp 4 inch nemesis with the same jig head. Scattered throughout the Shoalhaven river system there have been some real quality bream, around Broughten Creek and up to the Nowra Bridge is worth a go on the high or low tide change with live nippers or squirt worms doing the trick.

The beaches are shaping up nicely after a couple of big swells and southerly weather patterns and there are plenty of whiting for those willing to walk a bit to find a nice gutter, salmon are also still plentiful on most beaches with dawn or dusk still the best time for these creatures of habit! Beach worms which are the number one bait for the whiting have been patchy and sometimes hard to find, although finding them for me isn’t the hard part, its then trying to catch the rotten sods! Not a sport I’m very good at to say the least!

Photos: Jacquie & Jack Chimming in on the Marlin Mania


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