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Report 18/3/16

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:09 pm
by Nicole Penfold
The current is now boring south at an unbelievable rate of knots. Fisho’s attempting to fish the banks were quickly discouraged. The current was running that hard over this iconic fishing location it was causing waves with 8ft faces to stand up, that with all the swirls and boils made the place unfishable and downright dangerous to be near so most decided to head in closer to Currarong bombie where the current was still running hard but was at least fishable. A couple of marlin were taken here but all in all the cooler water coming from up north seems to be carrying the marlin away with it, even the bay has been quiet this week after a pretty amazing day last Sunday. Fisho’s are calling it BLACK SUNDAY as there were that many black marlin seen free-swimming and jumping in there and also a few caught.

Talking to Anthony, skippering one of the whale/dolphin boats yesterday he’s report from the water was as he rounded Longnose and head for Point Perp the water went from the colour is has been to a horrid brown colour. Previous trips he had seen fish tailing as far into the bay as Longbeach but this trip he seen nothing, no sign! Regardless of this I’m sure there will still be a few land based fisho’s giving it a red hot go this weekend hoping for one last crack before it really shuts down! The squid had also come back on in the bay so hopefully this cooler water doesn’t shut them down too. There should be a few more decent sized reds move in to over the next few weeks and fingers crossed some better kings!

St Georges Basin usually turns on with the crappy weather and those willing to be uncomfortable for a few hours often get the glory they just deserve! I’ve been told there are still a few nice fish cruising the flats so I’m guessing that will be a first up option for many before the majority head to the deeper water to blade or plastic the rest of the day away.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Be good and stay safe.

Johnny out

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