Report 7/4/16

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Report 7/4/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:16 pm

There have been good numbers of squid in Jervis Bay over the past couple of weeks, unfortunately there have also been plagues of leatherjackets right on their heels. Still, the squidding has been pretty awesome once you get away from the jackets. Most locations in the bay are producing with not too much effort. With the current situation though I would be using either the cheaper range of Yamishita jigs in the Suite “r” or don’t be afraid to try the Daiwa Nude jigs also and of course you have to have your sacrificial cheap collection for when you just can’t escape the leatheries.

Outside the bay around the cliffs and up to the banks of Currarong there has been a pretty good run of Kingfish, although at times the raging current is still making the banks a very dangerous spot to be as the current flows out of deep water at around four to five knots before hitting the northern face of the banks causing all sorts of very untidy pressure waves, swirls and eddies. If you see it like this and are inexperienced don’t even contemplate fishing it, and even the experienced should maybe turn away for another day. When the conditions are good enough to fish there have been plenty of fish on the jig as well as a scary number of whaler sharks which have been robbing anglers of their prize catch. There has also been a big great white cruising around there for a few days, having a little test taste of an outboard motor leg or duck board every now and then. If I were a diver/spero I would give this place a miss for a little while.

Speaking of diving, the cray divers are reporting record numbers of crays around there secret spots, which for my own safety and well being will remain secret! Just remember there are fairly strict size and bag limits on both crays and abs, with penalties of heavy fines and even imprisonment if you do the wrong thing.

On the beaches a few better sized Jew are starting to come in, so it’s time to hit the sand with the heavy gear and put in those long long hours of 99% daydreaming and pondering and 1% actually fishing. A bit of early morning reconnaissance before work can make life a little easier looking for that gutter or hole you want to fish, especially if you’re not planning on hitting the beach till after dark that evening. You may also want to take a spin rod and a couple of slices with you in the morning too to catch yourself a few fresh tailor for the evening session. Can’t beat fresh tailor slabs!

Be good and stay safe

Johnny out

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Ph: (02) 4421 2418
Andrew Follan with a wash caught snapper just outside the entrance to JB.

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