Report 1/6/16

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Report 1/6/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:37 pm

There is a bream comp on in the Basin this weekend. Its round 5 of the Atomic Southern Bream series, it will be a two day event kicking off from Palm Beach Sanctuary Point at 7am on Saturday morning, If you would like to see a great display of fishing rigs, both boats and yaks head down for the start, or the weigh-in later on in the day to no doubt see some big bags come in. Although reports from the Basin on the bream side if things are relatively quiet, there are always a couple of teams who manage to find a few good fish and with this rain meant to continue for the rest of the week it could just give the Basin the stir up it needs to get those bream back into feeding mode.

I remember back to my bream tournament days and some of our better results came from similar weather patterns to what we are having at present, in fact if I recall correctly, and I know a few of you will relate to this and remember, one of the first ever bream comps that helped kicked this series off was held in some of the heaviest rain conditions I’ve ever fished in with torrential rain most of the day, I remember fishing away beside other boats not more than say 40 metres away and these huge rain squalls coming through and those other boats disappearing completely out of sight through the rain. That day there were some nice fish caught despite those conditions, so let’s see what happens this weekend! Good luck to all fishing this weekend and if you need any supplies we will be offering a 20% discount across our hefty range of bream lures and accessories over the next 4 days so make sure you come in and mention this column to get your 20% dissy on the bream gear!

This rain should also give the Shoalhaven River a bit of a stir-up. Up Stream around the Ski Park the water is fairly clear so a little rain to colour in the water will be good. Clear water aside fishing up there over the past week I’ve managed to bag a few fish, a really nice whiting, some flathead and a big salmon which got an early release at my feet. I did also see a big Jew feeding in the shallows on big prawns and mullet but I’m yet to snare him! Maybe tonite!

So no one has been offshore for a couple of weeks now due to conditions, but as of today we have a slight break in the weather for a couple of days letting a few crews’ cash in on those sickies and head wide in search of Bluefin, yellowfin and whatever else happens to jump on their line out in that wild blue yonda! There are also a couple of boats heading out doing the ever increasing popular deep dropping, so it will be interesting to see results from their ventures. Last i herd there were a few good kings at the Block so if you’re heading out it may be worth a stop off there and drop a few jigs.

The trout update from Eucumbene isn’t the best unfortunately but as we all know things can change down there over night, at the moment though fishing is tuff with crowds and not the volume of fish there has been in previous years, a little more rain and I feel there is still another run left in them before the close in a couple of weeks. It does however only take that one good fish to make it a great trip so maybe just bight the bullet and go when you can. After all we all know there are 20 plus pound fish in that dam!

Well stay tuned over the next few days for reports and hopefully pics from offshore, from Eucumbene, the Basin, and hopefully from the Shoalhaven when outsmart that big jewie!

Johnny out

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