Report 17/8/16

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Report 17/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:48 pm

The last two weeks has been a bit of a blessing for fisho’s giving us the opportunity to enjoy our sport without having to worry too much about crappy conditions. The river is finally starting to show a bit more life in it. Upstream at our shatto at the ski park the river is still very cold. The high tide and first hour of the run out with the clearer water seems to be when the fish are biting best with a few flatties starting to move up and plenty of small bass just out in the deeper water. They are taking the squidgy prawns with no real preference to colour or I’m guessing they are pretty hungry after a lean winter with not too much feed in the river. Also working are the” Entice” blades with some “S” factor smeared over the soft tail section of these lures.

Further downstream I’ve heard of a couple of Jew coming from around the Nowra Bridge area and a couple of really nice bream between there and Broughten Creek. The Lower reaches of the river is producing plenty of flatties and some nice Jew along with a run of some good size blackfish although weed is almost impossible to get. Once upon a time with the weed so scarce it would have been a matter of give up and go home with the blackfish, but not now, now like most baits there is an artificial alternative! A weed fly! Yep that’s right there are now fly’s that are imitating a weed bait and working just as well if not better than the real thing. There are four colours and a range of sizes that we stock so if you’re a diehard blackfisherman and can’t get the weed, come in grab a couple and give these a go...they are only about five bux each so not a bank breaker.
A average size flattie from the upper river.

In Jervis Bay The squid have slowed a little from about two weeks ago when they were running hot but there are still enough for a feed last catch was on Sunday managing only a couple from Plantation Point, downsizing my jig to a 2.5 in the natural green Yamashita to coax a bite. Maybe it was the fact that there were so many Port Jackson sharks swimming around that the squid were quiet, I’m not quite sure whether the “PJ’s” are a predator of the squid or not but the squid are Yummy to eat so I’m guessing if they can catch them then they are! I’ve herd of a few squid around the Callala area as well but haven’t heard much from the Murrays Beach side of the bay so if you’ve been for a squid over there recently please share.
A tasty Calamari squid caught on the old faithful green Yamashita jig.

Offshore at the banks there’s been a few nice kings on the jig and some good schools of trevally taking smaller metal lures. Further out it looks as though the larger tuna have vacated the premises with only a hand full of jellybean sized yellowfin hitting the decks last weekend. Is the tuna run finished? Are the bluefin gone for another year? I guess only time will tell. But don’t sit there wondering, head out and give it a go you might come back with one of those 60kg + fish that make a trip worthwhile!

The beaches are finally seeing some nice tailor in amongst the schools of salmon. Metal lures of around 50gr tossed into the larger gutters are working well and even dropped to the bottom and bounced across the sand are producing a few nice flatties.

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