Report 1/9/16

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Report 1/9/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:02 pm

Once again it's been a pretty topsy turvy couple of weeks of both weather and fishing. Offshore there have been some top Yellowfin taken over the past week or so, fish up and beyond the 70kg mark are roaming the waters off JB popping up in anywhere from the 60 fathom line to 1000 fathoms, these fish are feeding on schools of small whitebait but just can't resist a skirt or Halco 190 Maxlure trolled past their nose...we have a good range of both on the shelves with some more stock due by the end of the week.

For the River fisho's there are plenty of fish biting, Flathead, Perch, bream, blackfish and even a few Jew are on the chew around the bottom reaches of the river. The last dump of rain had little to no effect on the river except for Broughten and Bomo Creek which did dirty a little. Hopefully this next low pressure system fades away and doesn't bring to much of the wet stuff.

Fishing for the flatties it's hard to go past the Squidgy Prawn in the paddle tail in the 80mm size matched up with a "TT" 1/4 oz 2/0 jig the fast running water you may have to up the weight a little to be sure your hitting the bottom.

The bream and blackfish are smashing the squirt worms pumped locally in the river from various mud flats and the jew are mainly being taken on the soft plastics with the Samaki Vibelicious, Jackal Transams and the Fuze pulse vibes all working a treat when presented to a feeding fish.

Uptream around the Ski Park at night time i have Noticed hundreds of juvenile bass making there way up-stream. It's a good thing to see and I rekon the next few seasons are going to be rippers for the bass. There has also been plenty of other activity in the way of heaps of small Gar, quite a lot of small prawns and mullet splashing around...I'm sure it's only a matter of time before i crack a Jewie off the bank there :-).

The beaches are having a late run of school sized Jew and there are finally some good holes starting to take shape which should hopefully concentrate the fish a little as they search for their prey! The artificial reef which was placed offshore out from the Shoalhaven Heads surf Club is definitely a prospect for the Jew with a couple of reports of fish already starting to hang there, but with the structure it is i would definitely be upping the gear a little.

Well happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there and happy fishing, hopefully the planets align and the weather comes together for the weekend, be good and stay safe!

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Darrell Brizo with a cracking Fin caught on a Halco 190 Max.
The Squidgy Prawn rigged properly is hard for flatties to resist, especially if it's smeared with 'S' Factor scent.

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