Report 14/9/16

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Report 14/9/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:32 am

Once again we’ve had beautiful spring weather to kick of the start of this week, let’s hope it follows into the weekend hey! Last weekend was a bit of a Jeckel and Hyde situation with Saturday most unpleasant and then the Sunday was an absolute cracker, this aside it looks as though plenty of fisho’s got out and about and caught some good fish. On the Basin there was the two day round of the Southern Bream Series and as always some found fish and some struggled, even the normal by-catch of tailor, trevally and flatty‘s was quiet for the majority. The good news is the water temp is on the way up in the Basin so pretty soon things in the fishing department should be starting to hot up as well! There were some good bream taken in the comp and a few fisho’s not fishing the comp got onto some really nice fish with bait. Well done to the winners and all the teams who placed on what sounds like was a pretty tough two days on the Basin.

Well it seems the river is the place to be at present if you want to catch a bass or estuary perch, between the bridge and a kilometre or two up from the Ski Park is where most of the action is, and I’m pretty sure I know why; There are heaps of small prawns in this stretch of the river which they are gorging themselves on. And the fish aren’t just on the edges where you would typically find them; anglers are finding fish schooling mid water and mid river. Coincidently the size of the prawns they are feeding on are exactly the same size as the smaller Squidgy Prawn making these soft plastic lures a pretty good match the hatch offering for the bass and perch. The pink eyes on these lures really set them off and I think maybe just give them the edge over other prawn imitations, well that and that magical “s” Factor which comes with every packet you buy. Myself and many others use this stuff religiously on all of their unscented lures both hard and soft and I’m convinced it makes a difference. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a cracker bass season and if I were on the water this afternoon I would be definitely trying a surface lure in that hope of my first bass on surface for the season! It’s that sort of arvo me thinks!

In the Bluewater there were a few more Yellowfin caught on the weekend. Breno and Brizo managed a couple of nice fish up around the 50kg mark. Realistically but they are still far and few between and a lot of water between fish but I guess if you’re willing to put in the time and effort and research you may just get your rewards like these guys, well done lads. In closer the kings have been very quiet, a few here and there at the banks and in close but overall very sporadic. Tait Fortier managed a nice fish on stick bait whilst fishing for reds when a school of fish erupted behind their boat, his fish was nudging the one metre mark and from his reports that was one of the smaller fish in the school. So maybe just maybe we will see some more of these fish in weeks to come.

The rocks and beaches have been a bit of a hard slug at the moment, north of the bay has been particularly slow, whilst on the south side there has at least been some big schools of salmon patrolling places like Steamers Beach and around Moes Rock giving anglers something to catch.

For the estuary and rock blackfisherman we have good news on the weed front, no we don’t have any here, but we have something better “the WEED fly” it is now becoming a common thing for this artificial green weed imitation to out fish the real thing and with weed getting harder to get it is a proposition you must try, you don’t need a fly rod just because it’s called a fly and you can fish it just as a normal bait with awesome success!

That’s it for this week; we’ll catch up again soon for another up to date report! Good fishing, be good and stay safe!

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Tait with his stickbait-caught king from the weekend. These guys were snapper fishing when a school of fish in this class busted up within casting range!
Shacko and Haffo with a double of bass from a mid water mid river jigging session.

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