Report 28/12/16

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Report 28/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:13 pm

We are back in action from a refreshing 3 day break...and what a break it was...awsome weather...awsome food and for some... some awsome fishing....squiding and prawning.

Firstly lets have a look at the prawning in Lake Wollumbulla....although the lake is still open the prawns are still thick! Thats thick in numbers and size! They are a lot better prawn than last year and there are plenty there. Standing in the main channel on the run out tide is producing good results, but be wary of the current as it is quite strong, so if you are thinking of taking the kids, further down the lake is probably a better bet and you will still get yourself a good feed. It sounds as though the prawns are running at different times of the night so it's really a matter of being there at the right time. Somtimes just on dark they have run then sometimes it's not until 10-11pm before they decide to do the dash for freedom. There have also been plenty of blue swimmers, but make sure these guys are of legal size before putting them in the bucket. Just a reminder to make sure you check all your rules and regulations regarding the prawns and crabs as it is up to the individual to make sure you are legal.

Across in Jervis Bay the squid fishing at the moment is pretty good, although they are a little on the small side what they lack in size they make up for in numbers and fishos are getting their bag limit in quick time. The Yamashita Jigs are by far and away the best jig for the job and at the moment we are still running our Christmas catalogue special on them at 20% off!

Around the bay there have been a few kings still kicking around but they are to are a little on the small size...if you are after the bigger fish venturing out around the cliffs and out to the shallows may be a better option. We have a massive range of kingy jigs in stock so come and check them out.

If you are here on holidays and are wanting to chase a bass well it's good news! There have been plenty around in both the fresh and brackish waters of the Shoalhaven River...if you are fishing the brackish it's up early to aviod the boat traffic. The fresh isn't as critical but with the hot weather they do seem to bight better early or later in the day, especially if there is a southerly change forecast for the eveinig.

The bread and butter species such as bream, flathead, whiting and blackfish can be caught in all our esturies at present with the water temp warming up the fish are moving up into the shallows and are redily taking lures.

If you have any questions regarding anything fishy drop in and say hello or give us a call...we are only to happy to help!

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Ben Follan with a JB Kingfish. Even at this size they pull hard on the right tackle!

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