Report 20/1/17

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Report 20/1/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:19 am

What a summer we’ve had so far! The weather has been awesome with plenty of sunshine, granted we have had some stinking hot days but really who can complain it is summer after all! Just a good excuse to have the day off work and head to the coast to do what you love doing whether it be fishing, surfing, spear fishing or snorkelling, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re having fun.

There have been plenty of fish around this season from marlin in the Bluewater to bass in the fresh and all the bread and butter species in between.

The marlin have been at The Banks, on the shelf and a few have been sighted in close from the rocks although I haven’t herd of any hooked yet from the stones. Check out the below pic of this big black marlin hooked by Matt Russell onboard Real Devotion skippered by Luke Gardner, after a three and a half hour battle the fish won it’s freedom just outside The Banks. I guess the guys will never know how big this fish really was. Let’s hear your estimates on the size of this fish, I know it’s hard not seeing it in person and the photo is blown up a little, but looking at the proportions of it we would say around the 180 kg mark, what does everyone else think? Now speaking of marlin we have just landed a new range of Southern Cross 9 inch Pacific Plunger pusher lures to compliment the 12 inch range we already stock. Check out the proven and popular colours in the below pic. These should be a killer on all species of marlin with their deep plunging action which pulls well from all positions in the spread but performing at its peak from the longer positions of long rigger or long corner. It features a full length keel to keep it balanced and running upright and true. Come in and check them out now, they are defiantly a stand out on the lure wall!

There has been the occasional king around the ledges of JB and Currarong around the 10-12kg class and the rock hoppers have had some good success on black drummer around most ledges.

Inside the Bay squid are a plenty on both sides with the early morning crews seeming to do better than the afternoon fishos.
Snapper and flatties can be caught on the grounds just outside Jervis Bay and also the Shoalhaven River mouth down along the coast to Currarong.

At Culburra the prawns are still well and truly on the cards at Wollumbulla and were still getting caught at the height of the full moon. Remember the Lake is still open to the sea so watch the outgoing current especially with the young kids, maybe head a little further inside the lake if taking the kidlets for some family fun.

The Shoalhaven River has had plenty of 40-50cm flatties throughout keeping those fishing for a feed more than happy; they chew pretty well out of the river especially down towards the entrance where the water is saltier. Blues swimmer crabs are still prevalent in the river around the usual haunts around Greenwell Point, Orient Point and Culburra.

A little reminder that the taking of any aquatic species from our oceans, rivers, lakes and dams require a NSW recreational fishing licence unless you are either under 18 or are on the exemption list which you can find on the fisheries web site.

Stay safe and happy fishing!

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