Report 30/3/17

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Report 30/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:43 pm

It looks as though it’s shaping up to be yet another one of those weekends! Rain, wind and plenty of sea. But don’t worry it will soon be winter and we will have some nice cold weather to go along with it! So what to do when you just can’t get a break in it?

Well luckily we do have a plenty of options not too far away. Being the end of March it’s defiantly time to start thinking about an early trip down to trout country. If they get some rain down around Eucumbene they may get an early run of browns moving up the river. Heading down early may be a better option as the crowds just seem to get worse and worse every year.

If trouts not your thing then there is always cod and yellow belly fishing out west in both Burrinjuck and Whyangla Dams which are only about a three hour drive from here, so quite achievable for a weekend trip. We have a range of lures to suit trout, yellow belly and the cod fishing. So if you’ve never tried it before come in and have a chat may just be worth your while to go and give it a try...Hey it gets you out of the house and out of the miss’s hair.

Now if you’re dedicated to the salt and can’t stand to be away from it then this weekend it looks like your gunna have to don the wet weather gear and brave the conditions. But don’t be stupid about it! Safety first! Off shore and rock fishing looks pretty much like a write-off. But maybe just maybe there may be a break in the weather to get out on the Basin or the River and both are fishing quite well. The constant rain has pushed plenty of big bream down around the entrance of the Crookhaven River and there has been some nice estuary perch through The Canal area as well. Strip baiting with an oily flesh bait such as stripy or bonito is working well on the bream. Whilst the fisho’s chasing the perch are using more soft plastics in the darker shades to give them a silhouette in the dirty water. Around the rocky area’s I would up your leader to around 10lb fluorocarbon as there are some really big fish around and let’s face it there is still plenty of colour in the river to help hide your leader.

If you are going to fish The Basin please be wary of those strong winds, they can whip up quite a chop! I always found that wading the flats in a strong southerly wind was a good option in The Basin this time of year. Plenty of bream and flaty’s move onto the flats to feed with the overcast and choppy conditions giving them a false sense of security. And it beats getting the boat out and beating yourself around in the chop. And there are still so many options as to where you can fish on foot. If you’re uncertain of where to go call into the shop and have a chat to one of us. We will endeavour to point you in the right direction and hook you up with the appropriate lures.

Be good and stay safe in this wild weather!

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Wes with a lovely Eucumbene brown from yesteryear. Hopefully the river will be full of these again in the coming weeks!

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