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Report 30/6/17

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:05 am
by Nicole Penfold
it looks as though the tuna are still playing hide & seek. In our waters anyway! There has been the odd one caught but they are far and few between. A few albacore, some jumbo stripey’s and some nice bottom dwelling species such as ling and ocean perch seem to be featured in most fisho’s reports from out wide. In closer there have been a few kingfish around the cliffs and a few reds around the washes and inshore reefs but you have to work hard for them. The leather jackets are becoming a real problem for squid fisherman and the bottom bashing brigade they are just ravenous at the moment bitting of gear left, right and centre making for and expensive day on the water. All this considered if you can escape them there have been some nice catches of flaty’s from the grounds both out the front of the Jervis bay and the Crookhaven River.

I saw some video footage last week of the artificial reef fisheries put in a couple of years back out from the Shoalhaven Heads surf club. It looks as though fish species are starting to frequent this reef in good numbers. Species such as salmon, tailor, snapper, jewfish, Kingfish, squid and a myriad of baitfish are all visiting this reef system and as time goes on this should only get better as more and more growth on the reef will create its own little eco-system. You can get the GPS co-ordinates for the reef off the DPI website and check out the video of the reef on YouTube. This spot is definitely worth a look.

In our rivers and estuaries the water has cooled right down now. There are still fish to be caught but it may require a change of tactics. If you’re a soft plastics or blade fisho targeting bream and flathead, heavily scented smaller lures worked super slowly along the bottom is the order of the day for winter lure fishing. Even just a lift, wind and let the lure sit for several seconds is quite a productive way of getting a strike especially with the bream.

If you’re a hard body lure fisho, slow rolling suspending lures are hard to beat in our creek and river systems for the bream this time of year. A tight cast, a twitch, twitch and then a1-2 metre slow roll then a pause letting the lure suspend for up to 10 seconds can trigger those big bluenose winter bream into striking your lure....hopefully! Broughten creek on the Shoalhaven is a classic spot for this form of fishing and is producing some nice fish in the 1kg plus class at present. Two of my favourite lures are the pink/purple Attack and the Atomic bream shad deep in the muddy prawn colour I have donated so many of these lures to the trophy rooms of big bream in this creek over the years. You think they would have learnt to pass them up, but they don’t, they just love them and are a must for your box!

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