Report 22/11/17

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Report 22/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:29 pm

It’s looking like summer is well and truly on the way! Consistent NE winds blowing for the past couple of weeks, the water warming up and some good fish being caught all point towards a good season ahead!

In close there have been some good kings for both the rock and boat fisho’s, Currarong bombie, Beecroft, and south around the cliffs have seen a few nice fish caught over the past couple of weeks. The guys getting into the stickbaits and poppering for the kings are getting some nice results and having a lot of fun watching these torpedo shaped fish smash their lures of the surface.

The inshore reefs have been producing some nice reds up to around the 5kg mark for both plastic and bait fisho’s. I would have to say the number one selling plastic for the reds at the moment is the 6.5inch Gulp Nemesis and now we have a range of the 6inch jerk shads back in stock; they too are working a treat.

In Jervis Bay I can’t say the squid fishing has been fantastic. It really has been a hit and miss affair over the past couple of weeks with some anglers doing exceptionally well whilst others just about ready to give the game away not being able to boat a squid. All I can suggest is a couple of things that I have learnt over my years of squiding. Firstly use “S” Factor I personally think it does work...whether it attracts them or masks the human scent it does something. Secondly always have a few rods rigged up with different options of jig colours and sizes and keep alternating if nothing’s happening.

The Shoalhaven/Crookhaven system is fishing well for pretty much everything! Bream, flathead, Jew and blackfish are right throughout the system and the upper reaches have some great bass and perch fishing. With cicadas starting to sing in the afternoons it’s looking like a good surface season is going to be upon us. Just as well we have a good stock of all the favourite cicada imitation lures and a few new ones which look pretty hot. Some more rain is most definitely needed to unlock some of the more remote waters the bass usually inhabit in our area come summer time. Sure there are some fish that do not migrate downstream each year so there will be some in these areass but for now if you want to have a good bass session I’d be sticking to the brackish waters of the River between Longreach and Gradys. Or heading up to Tallowa Dam which does have some good fish in it.

If you’re after a feed of prawns the lake at Culburra is worth a look and from all reports it’s going pretty good with some good size prawns in there this year. The weed and blubber and the lake being closed is making it a little harder to drag this year by the sounds of things, but guys are still getting a feed which is what it’s all about. A reminder that a recreational fishing licence is needed to take prawns if you are over 18, and your bag limit is 10L per person which is more than ample I think. To look up net regulations go to the DPI website.

If you have any questions regarding fishing, or what’s biting where, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Dean Atkinson caught this awesome kingfish from the rocks recently. At over the 1m mark, it's a milestone in any rock fisho's career.

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