Report 5/12/16

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Report 5/12/16

Postby Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:34 pm

Kingfish have turned up this week. Some good schools of fish making an appearance all the way along the coast. Looks for tightly packed birds as the fish have been pushing big schools of pilchards to the surface and feeding strong all day. Casting stick baits, metals and soft plastics the best method for these guys.
Salmon on the beaches on the high tide. The last run of these fish have been entering the gutters along the coast searching for a feed. Spinning metals the best but pilchards also taking fish. High tide has produced the better fish.
Some big bronzey’s over 3m have been following these salmon along the beaches. Up to 30 sighted at once off one of the beaches. These guys should respond well to large smelly fish baits like whole salmon or eels.
Captain Stevens Point producing a few good luderick. Bass yabbies the best bait.
Fisheries jetty holding some good trevally and flathead. Use soft plastic paddle tails or blue bait for these fish. Try fishing the jetty towards the evening for the biggest fish.
Whiting have turned up in good numbers towards the entrance. Harrisons Channel has been the best for the fish. A few also turning up out on Goodwin Sands and Gypsy point. Surface lures the best.
Bream are on the flats with the whiting also. Try using surface lures but incorporate some pauses into the retrieve. Hardbodies also taking some good fish.
Flathead have taken up residence all throughout the lake. Try fishing 80-110mm soft plastics around any sort of structure (weedbeds, drop offs, channel markers, rock walls) for the fish.
Top lake still murky but the fish have been biting alright. Hardbodies the lure of choice. Try fishing Dead Finish and Palmers Bank for the numbers.
Flats at Gypsy point also taking some good bream. Surface lures the best lure for the fish up here. They have been pretty fired up and will respond to most lures though.

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