Report 2/3/18

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Report 2/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:38 pm


Cold currents from the south have pushed the warm water back north of Gabo meaning the marlin have mostly disappeared.
In closer the fishing has still been good for flathead. Anglers fishing in 50m+ of water can expect tiger flathead whilst anglers fishing in shallower (20-30m) have been doing well on sand flathead. Try using a double paternoster rig baited with squid and pilchard, this is a simple yet effective method. 
Shark fishing has been good. Gummy and school shark can be expected around Gabo Island. A slow drift over a drop off or gravel bed whilst fishing with small fillets of fish such as salmon has been a good way to find a few.
Mako sharks can also be found whilst gummy fishing and often follow hooked fish to the surface. Whole salmon or striped tuna fished on a wire trace with a circle hook is a good way to hook one of these guys.


Good salmon numbers on Tip and Davis Beach still. High tides working best. Spinning small metal lures on a light spin outfit can provide hours of fun if a large school moves into a deep gutter. Whole pilchards fished on a gang hook also producing a few good fish. 
Gummy school and small bronze whaler sharks have all been taken at Secret Beach at night. Making long casts with a likely bait like eel or fish fillets, to the back of the gutters/ behind the breakers working well. 


Bream fishing improving. Bait fishers doing very well in the Narrows and at Cape Horn. The best baits have been prawn or bass yabbies. Drop offs also a good spot to cast baits. 
Lure wise the fishing for bream has also improved a bit. Still plenty of fish congregating in the deeper water (2-3m) behind Goodwin Sands. Small soft plastics working well here. Anything with a moving tail the best thing to try. 
A few good bream also being caught by anglers fishing the flats and edges in both the top and bottom lakes. Small hardbodied Chubby or jerk bait style lures fished with plenty of twitches and pauses catching the best fish.
 Flathead still being taken at Allen’s Head and the Narrows. Soft plastic paddle tails working well. Try fishing slower than usual as the fish have been a bit sluggish with the sudden cold snap.
 Whiting can be taken in Harrisons Channel on either surface lures or bass yabbies. Try fishing the small gutters between the sand flats for the best fish.

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