Report 28/6/18

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Report 28/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:11 pm

Swordfish still about with a few taken last weekend. The fish were in the usual spots at the Everard Canyons. Large squid rigged with luminous lights and dropped too 400m+ the way to target these fish.

In closer a few mako shark have been hanging around the current lines out the front of Gabo Islands. Drifting along and setting an oily burley trail across the surface will usually see a few sharks turn up in the trail. Large fish baits like salmon and striped tuna rigged on a wire trace and circle hook taking the fish. Try floating baits 1-2m under balloons as some of the sharks have been shy and not taking baits right at the back of the boat.

Flathead still abundant in 50m of water straight off Bastion Point. Paternoster rigs baited with pilchard and squid working well. Lots of flathead to be taken at Talaberga Island as well. These fish congregating in shallower water (15-30m) have been taking a liking to soft plastics and micro jigs.

A few nice gutters on Davis Creek Beach producing some larger salmon, some of which over 3kg. Spinning metal lures a good way to find the schools of fish but the biggest fish are coming from bait anglers fishing whole pilchards out the backs of the gutters. High tide or the first hour of the run out the time to be looking for the salmon.

Bream still holding in similar spots too last week. Fair Haven and the entrance to the second Narrows (between Palmers Bank and Smelly’s Inlet) have been the areas. Again small black vibes taking the majority of the fish. Vary the retrieve throughout the day to find what has been working best. Sometimes a more aggressive hop will out fish the slower retrieves.

Tailor at Smelly’s Inlet. Fish the mornings and look for the fish busting up bait on the surface. Once the sun gets higher the bait schools move deeper. When this happens the fish can still be caught by sounding up bait schools and vertically working metal lures or micro jigs.

Luderick in Harrison’s Channel. Fishing with floats and green weed has been hard with no flow. Instead mussels, bass yabbies or squirt worms cast close too snags have been producing the fish.

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