Report 19/9/18

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Report 19/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:21 am

Beware of the large rock at the entrance of the port at the Bastion Point boat ramp. It has been issued a marine hazard and care should be taken whilst launching until it is removed.

Kingfish should turn up in the coming weeks as the large schools of white bait begin to frequent the coast. Look for any birds especially seagulls and terns working in tight groups. The fish should be underneath. Surface lures and small metal lures with upgraded split rings and trebles are the most popular lures to use. Trolling diving lures around the birds will also take fish.

The flathead fishing is still good for anglers chasing a feed. Tiger flathead can be found in 40-50m of water. Anywhere in this depth should see anglers drift across some good schools of these fish. The sand flathead has been taken in good numbers a lot closer in to the shore. 15-30m of water has been the best depth range to target this fish in. Paternoster rigs baited with pilchard, squid, barracoota or any other oily bait will take the fish.

Snapper and morwong can be taken on many of the reefs off Tip and Betka beach. Drifting over these areas and fishing pieces of squid or pilchard close to the bottom will see anglers catch a few of these tasty reef fish. The reefs start at 15-20m and continue all the way out to 45m, with all holding fish.

The large schools of salmon have moved on but smaller pods of these fish can still be caught by anglers. While the numbers aren’t there the average size of the fish has been good with many over 2kg. Spinning metal lures or fishing whole pilchards in the gutters on high tide has been working great all year and continues to do so now.

The bream have still been congregating in the higher reaches of the system with not much action below Palmers Bank. The rock walls up towards Cape Horn and the flats and drop offs up into the two rivers has been the best areas to fish. Bait anglers have been taking plenty of fish along the edges and drop offs on prawn and bass yabbies. The lure anglers have been doing well by either fishing the holes with small metal blades or fishing soft plastics and small hard bodies along the rock walls.

Tailor are numerous throughout the lake. Palmers Bank has been a good spot to troll around to target these fish. Small silver metal lures trolled along drop offs and past the mouth of the many bays and creeks around the top lake have been taking fish.

The flathead although sluggish have begun to bite again. The shallow bays and flats in the top lake have been taking plenty of fish. Small prawn style soft plastics taking the majority of fish. Fish the middle of the day when it is sunny and the water is a little warmer for the better result.

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