Report 12/10/18

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Report 12/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:38 pm

Fishing has been a little quiet with the big swells and strong winds stopping anglers from getting out.

Earlier in the week any boats getting out where finding plenty of bait fish but there were no Kingfish to be seen with them. As the currents continue to push down the coast the fish should begin to appear, so it is only a matter of time before we begin to see some action.

the flathead fishing has been pretty consistent with plenty of nice bluespot flathead being taken in 30-40m at Tallaberga and Gabo Island. The best technique has been the ever faithful double paternoster rig baited with Pilchard and squid. However small micro jigs hopped over the bottom have been taking some better quality fish.

The reefs off the front of Gabo Island have been holding a few morwong, six-spine leatherjacket and snapper as well as some massive bluethroat wrasse. Squid has been the best bait for these tasty fish. Pilchard cubes will work too. Gummy sharks a little scarce but the odd one has been taken at Little Ram on larger fish baits like salmon fillets. 30m of water the best depth to try.

A few anglers reporting good numbers of salmon moving through the gutters on high tide. The fish have been taking a liking to half pilchard cubes on double or ganged hooks. Strips of slimy mackerel or yakka fillets working well too. As always small metal lures will take plenty of fish as well, especially due to the mobility that comes with using lures.

The odd bream and flathead being taken on beaches as well as by catch whilst fishing for the salmon. The same method used for the salmon can be applied but just using lighter lines and smaller hooks will see more bream and flatties be taken.

Some good flathead beginning to show up in the lake again with one lucky angler even taking a 105cm fish earlier in the week. Most of the action has been in the top lake upwards of Cape Horn with plenty of anglers catching some good numbers. Soft plastics by far the most successful lure at the moment with any small paddle tail style imitation taking the best fish.
Anglers using pilchards and prawns will also take a few fish for anglers wishing to fish with bait.

Tailor through out the whole lake system causing havoc for lure fisherman. Trolling metal lures around drop offs and rocky points will take these fish. Weightless pilchards fished in a burley trail will also take fish.

The bream have finished spawning and have begun moving back down into the lake. Some great fishing to be had along the rock walls around Cape Horn. By using small curl tail soft plastics and hopping them down the face of the walls, anglers have been taking good numbers of fish.

Fishing between Palmers Bank and Smelly’s Inlet with small vibes also producing some good numbers of fish. Palmers Bank has also been a good spot to fish with prawns or bass yabbies for the anglers fishing with bait.

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