Report 27/7/16

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Report 27/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:16 pm

Bad week offshore with not too many boats heading out. The fishing should be alright though with a slight push of warmer water pushing down. This should bring some of those big kingfish from up the coast down onto the inshore reefs.

Surf has been producing plenty of good salmon and tailor on the first part of the outgoing tide. Metal lures have been the best but casting micro jigs and working them back through the gutters has produced some of the better fish.

The harbour at Bastion has been holding some yellowfin bream and ripper trevally on small hard bodies and Gulp Pumpkinseed Grubs.

The Main Wharf, Coul’s Inlet and the Fisheries Jetty have had some nice bream, flathead and trevally cruising around on any tides. Fishing fresh prawns or salted blue bait either weightless or lightly weighted on small circle hooks have been taking the fish.

Harrison’s channel has had some trevally, tailor and the odd salmon on the high tide. Fishing Berkley 3” minnows in watermelon pearl and Squidgy Flick Baits in any of the natural colours fished close to the bottom have taken most fish.

The weed bank from Tee Tree Point into The Bucket has had some nice yellowfin and flathead. Fishing small vibes or soft plastics back off the edge in 2m of water has been taking the fish.

A few fish have been up on the edges in the bottom lake taking advantage of the extra high tides during the week. Rolling small hard bodies like EcoGear SX40s or rolling soft plastics with light jig heads has been the best method.

The top lake has finally fired back up again.
Fish have been on all the edges taking a range of lures including small shallow divers, soft plastic grubs and wrigglers, Cranka Crabs and other crab style lures and a few are even swiping surface lures. Bream, flathead, tailor and even stray luderick have all been taken.

All bream moving up the rivers at this time are getting ready to spawn. If fishing for a feed try to only take enough for a feed and release the rest for another day. Be sure to handle them with care if catch and release fishing too, as the extra weight can sometimes damage the fish internally if handled wrong.

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