Report 18/8/16

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Report 18/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:06 am

Flathead in 50ft off the Pump Shed at Gabo. Tiger and Blue spot flathead have been taken in some good numbers following the start of the warmer water pushing in. Micro jigs smashing the fish with two fishing taking one lure at once not uncommon. Blue bait and squid on paternoster rigs have still been getting just as many fish.
Gummy and school sharks have also been taken mostly as by catch while flattie fishing. Larger baits such as salmon or flathead fillets should get some good action from these guys. Along the edge of any reefy structure has been where the sharks have been at.

A few bronzies have been reported cruising behind the breakers along Big Beach. Anchoring up and setting up a berley trail close to shore should get the attention of the sharks. Whole salmon or eel baits fished on or just off the bottom is the way to go.

The break wall has been producing some wicked sessions on King George Whiting, trevally, black drummer and yellowfin bream. Berleying up with mussels and fishing peeled prawn or squid in the berley trail has produced the goods. Just be prepared to catch a few wrasse between other species.

The Main wharf has been holding some huge schools of luderick on the incoming tide. Drifting mussels weightless in the tide has been taking a few fish. Green weed under floats has also taken a few but the best bait has been using brown weed weightless.

Some nice trevally have been around the Fisheries jetty but have been a bit tricky to catch. Weightless pilchard on 4lb has been about the only way to get the better classed fish.

Some big schools of salmon have randomly been entering Harrison’s Channel without warning. If birds are working down that way there is a good chance a school has come into the lake. Spinning metals has been the best way to catch them but they haven’t been too fussy.

Finally the bream have fired back up out deep off Goodwin Sands. Plenty of quality fish have been smashing most baits, vibes, soft plastics and extra deep diving hardbody lures.

Allen’s Head taking a few flathead in the 35-45cm range. Vibes fished with short sharp hops should get a good feed.

Bakers Bight has had some big tailor cruising along the steep drop offs. Trolling small diving lures has been getting a few.

Double creek has had a few bream and flathead on the edges. Rolling small hardbodies has taken a few fish.

Dead Finish has been holding some good bait, which is bringing in the fish. Bream, flathead and tailor have all been taken down here. Small grub and fish styled soft plastics in natural colours has been the best lures.

Some massive schools of stacked up bream have been congregating in the deep water. These fish have been switching moods depending on the day. Some days they have been firing and smashing any lure or bait fished on the bottom, and other days they have been tough to crack.

All of rock walls in the second narrows up to Cape Horn have held some decent bream. Fishing vibes or soft plastics down the edges has been a good way to get a few fish.

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