Report 13/10/16

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Report 13/10/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:48 pm

No offshore action this week due to weather

Break wall and old harbour producing some good trevally and flathead on pilchard. Getting the baits out onto the sand has been the way to get the “desirable” fish.
The beaches producing a few salmon but they have only been lone fish or pairs coming through the gutters. The fish have been good sized though with the majority of fish in the 50-60cm bracket.

The main wharf still the go to place for the luderick. They have still been fussy so experimenting with different baits has been the way to find what they want on the day. Green and brown weed and mussel usually getting the fish.

A few flathead beginning to fire up along the jetties from the main wharf around to Karbethong. Fishing soft plastics slowly has been the way to get the fish as they are not 100% committed.

Harrisons Channel starting to fire up with bream and luderick. Rolling hard bodied lures or fishing bass yabbies on the edge of the channel has seen some good fish caught.

Goodwin Sands starting to really fire as the fish begin to move shallower for summer. Try looking in 6ft or less for these fish (this has been working for most of the lake). Fishing soft plastics with short flicks has been good for bream and flathead.

Trolling around places like John Bull, Goodwin Sands, The Narrows and Double Creek arm has seen some good tailor being taken. Fish over 60cm have been getting around so hold on.

Allen’s Head also firing up with the flathead. Fishing shad style soft plastics has seen plenty of table sized fish getting around.

Double Creek holding plenty of sizable bream towards the back of the arm. Rolling deep diving hard bodies and soft plastics has been the way to go.

Dead Finish also firing for bream and flathead. Surface lures right up against the shore has been great fun for anglers seeking some visual fishing.

Palmers Bank holding some big bream. The back of the bank holding the best fish. Soft plastics and bait taking them.

Gypsy point producing bream and flathead. Fishing vibes out off the jetties from Gypsy has been a good way to get fish.

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