Report 10/11/16

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Report 10/11/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:51 pm

Water, fast warming up offshore this week but no reports have been coming in from anglers heading out.
Break wall holding a few bream. Fishing prawns or soft plastics around the markers and rocks has been the way to catch the fish.
Beaches producing a few salmon. Spinning metals on dusk or dawn the best time.

Beaches and entrance also producing some good bream and whiting on bass yabbies and beach worms. Fish in the gutters or under white wash close to shore for the best results.

Captain Stevens Point and the fore shore jetties and mooring poles holding some sizeable luderick. Float fishing with green weed has been a good way to catch the fish. Fish the incoming tide for the best fishing.

Coul's Inlet producing the bream and flathead. Soft plastics and diving lures the best way to get fish. Bass yabbies and fresh prawn also getting the fish.

Main channel producing some good tailor and trevally on the high and outgoing tide. Soft plastics and cubed pilchard fishing the best.
All of the flats around both the top and bottom lake producing bream, whiting and flathead. All the usual methods working but they have really started firing up on the surface lures. Either poppers, walkers or bent minnows working on the fish. Different retrieves working on different days.

Bottom Lake producing the bream and flathead out in the deeper water. Try sounding the schools of fish before fishing soft plastics and deep diving hard bodies through the fish. Getting the fish to respond to vibes is also a good way to get onto the fish.
Top lake edges producing the best fishing of the week. Big bream, flathead and tailor all being taken up here. Hard bodied lures the best method but lightly weighted soft plastics have also been producing fish. Fresh bait also taking some decent fish.
The snags from Cape Horn upwards into the Genoa and Wallagaraugh rivers producing bream and perch. Soft plastics and surface lures taking the fish. Try fishing the banks with shaded areas to target the fish waiting in ambush.
So for those a little sceptic of the report just a couple of photos from the Mallacoota fishing identity after a short spell on the water during the week. Jackson lures doing their bit

Bowan Joiner
Caltex Mallacoota
40 Maurice Ave, Mallacoota
Phone: 03 5158 0354
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