Report 9/6/17

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Report 9/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:50 am

Very quiet this week with few boats getting out due to the sloppy seas.

The few that ventured out got onto some good flathead fishing behind Talaberga in 60-80ft of water. The fish taking most baits including squid and pilchard. The best bait though is fresh slimy mackerel fillet. Micro jigs also taking plenty of bigger fish.

A couple of anglers also landed a feed of gummy sharks whilst drifting over some rubble beds chasing other species. The fish were caught on squid and slimy fillets. Using larger baits should entice a bite with the sharks over the rubble.

A few anglers making the most of the offshore wind getting stuck into a few salmon. The seas have been large but using slightly larger metal lures or heavier weighted baits to cast further out has been the way to go to get onto the salmon.

The bait fisherman have been doing very well throughout the lake using prawns and pilchard. Try looking for schools of fish out deeper and drift across the patches of fish. The Narrows and Allen's Head have been good places to look for these fish.
Luderick have been in some number down along the foreshore jetties although getting enough tide to drift float rigs has been difficult. Bass yabbies and sand worms fished on light sinkers have been instead the best method.
The odd flathead still to be taken for those without a boat in Coul's Inlet, some big bream to be taken here as well. Prawns and small soft plastics taking the fish.
Tailor all through the lake. Try fishing the back of Goodwin Sands or Cape Horn with pilchards rigged under floats or trolling small metal lures or diving hard bodies to get the fish.
Bream have been chewing quiet well after the rain for lure fisherman. Vibing out deep with black or brown coloured blades has been the most consistent method to target the majority of the fish which have started to school up for the year. Hot spots include the top end of the Narrows, Goodwin Sands, Allen's Head and Palmers Bank.
Slowly worked soft plastics also taking plenty of fish in a bit shallower. They have been more spread out so working over large areas has been the method to find the fish. 6-8ft of water seems to be the all-out hot spot to target with the soft plastics.
Flathead have been getting tougher to catch. Fishing deep on the rock walls at Cape Horn has been the best way to catch the last of the fish for the winter. Smaller lures worked erratically always trigger a bite from the fish at this time of year so try using a slightly heavier jig head on a smaller lure.

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