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Report 8/7/17

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:33 am
by Nicole Penfold
Still the odd swordfish being hooked out wide but the activity level has defiantly dropped.
Gummy and school sharks about in some good numbers along the sand gutters close to the many reefs off Bastion. Fresh fish fillets drifted along close to the bottom the best method to target the fish.

Flathead a little bit slow over at Talaberga with only a few decent sized fish being caught on pilchard cubes.

Plenty of smaller salmon moving through the gutters along the beaches. Spinning metal lures on high tide the best method to target them. Whole pilchards fished out in the gutters also taking a few fish.

A few salmon and tailor being taken in the entrance to the main lake as well. Spinning metal lures the best method again.
Also still the odd bream about in the entrance. Live beachworms the best way to catch the fish.

Harrison’s Channel a good spot to try for a few tailor and the odd salmon. Trolling hardbodies a long way behind the boat the best method.
Land based anglers finding a few bream and flathead in the Narrows. Prawns and pilchard fillets taking the majority of the fish. Tailor also an option for anglers fishing pilchards under a float.

The flathead have still been pretty hard to come by but the odd one is able to be caught up the back of the small bays and creeks around the lake. Small lightly weighted soft plastics taking the fish.

Bream have really come on the bite this week with fish being caught throughout most of the lake. Fish have been taken deep off Goodwin Sands on vibes fished over the various cockle beds, along the rock walls in the second Narrows and Double Creek, Palmers Bank and Dead Finish on small grub style soft plastics and deep diving hard bodies.

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