Report 11/8/17

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Report 11/8/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:40 pm


Tiger flathead on the chew in 80m of water of Gabo island. Double paternoster rigs baited with pilchard have been taking some good bags of sizable tiger flathead out wide.
Mako sharks off of Gabo Island as well. Drifting whilst making a burley trail behind the boat has been a good way to bring these sharks in. Use large whole fish baits like salmon or stripy tuna under a balloon behind the boat to catch these sharks.
A few people getting amongst the various reef species on the local reefs off the Aerials. Paternoster rigs fished with lighter line, smaller hooks and smaller sinkers has been the best method for targeting snapper, morwong, leatherjacket and blue throat. Any depth reef has been producing and squid or pilchard cubes have been the best bait.
School and gummy sharks still plentiful. Anglers fishing in 40-60m of water seeming to find the better results this week. Again drifting along reef edges whilst fishing whole fish fillets close to the bottom has been the way to target these fish. Circle hooks have been out fishing the conventional large J hook and wire.

The tailor fishing at the Break Wall has been very consistent with anglers bagging out on fish ranging from 35-55cm on most trips. Spinning small metal lures around the front rocky reef or over the bommies adjacent to the side of the wall, taking the fish.
Tip and Davis Creek Beach producing plenty of salmon. The fish have ranged in size depending on the tides and time of day, with the larger fish being taken at dawn or dusk on a high tide, and smaller fish have been taken throughout the day on various tides. Spinning metal lures or small sinking stick baits the go to method.
Anglers searching for bream and the odd sand whiting can find a few congregating in the smaller gutters at Bastion Point. Bass yabbies or sand worm taking these fish on any tide.

Luderick at the Fisheries Jetties. Anglers fishing with green weed under a float have been taking plenty of fish ranging from 30-40cm.
Tailor and salmon still being caught by anglers trolling hardbody minnows and metal lures along the red and green markers at Tee Tree Point.
The Narrows providing a good land based spot for anglers. Baits like prawn and bass yabby the best bait. Try walking a little further along the walking track to access the fish in areas with less angling pressure.
Bream congregating in all the usual winter areas. The deeper sections adjacent to Goodwin Sands, Fair Haven, Double Creek and Cape Horn all producing some good fish. Vibes worked slowly through school of fish has been the best way to target the fish. Soft plastic grubs also taking plenty of fish.
Flathead very quiet with only the odd one being taken as by catch whilst targeting bream.

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Ron & Gael
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