Report 31/8/17

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Report 31/8/17

Post by subeditor » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:04 pm

A few kingies have been reported this week. They are still a ways out but it's a good sign for next month when the water begins to warm. The fish were taken on jigs and trolling skirts.
The odd striped tuna and albacore off the shelf up towards the boarder. Trolling skirts or medium sized hardbodies working well.
In closer the gummy and school shark fishing has still been very good. Anglers fishing at Talaberga and Sand Patch reporting the better class fish. The Pump shed at Gabo Island always wroth a quick go as well. Salmon fillet the best bait.
Flathead have been a little quiet with only a few tiger flathead being taken in 70m on paternoster rigs baited with pilchard or squid.

Salmon in most of the beach gutters from Bastion Point to Quarry Beach. Metal lures spun through the gutters on high tide producing the best results. Fish haven't been huge with the average size being 45cm.
Bream have been taken up towards the entrance by the odd angler fishing with pilchard cubes. The fish have been moving into the shallow gutters just before dusk.
Tailor and trevally at the Break Wall. Soft plastics or weightless prawns working best for the trevally and small metal lures spun around the bommies the best for the tailor.

A few luderick about in along the main channel jetties. Fishing with green weed and float a bit tough with the minimal tides due to the closing entrance. Fresh mussel fished weightless around the pylons instead taking the majority of the fish. The odd bream also being taken.
Coul's Inlet holding a few smaller bream in the 30cm bracket. Small lightly weighted soft plastics or fresh prawn taking most of the fish.
Still the odd salmon taken trolling metal lures at Tee Tree point. The fish have been moving down towards the front of the estuaries in the afternoons.
A few trevally at Swimming Point for anglers fishing vibes.
The majority of the bream are schooled up in the deeper sections of the top lake with the Junction of the Narrows and Double Creek holding some sizable schools. Vibes are the best lure of choice for tempting these fish.
A few also still spread along the deeper rockwalls in the second Narrows with the odd fish being taken there on prawns or bass yabbies

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