Report 15/9/17

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Report 15/9/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:10 pm

Gummy sharks being taken in 50m of water out the front of Talaberga Island on the reefs. Fishing fresh fish fillets close to the bottom and maintaining only a slight drift has been a good way to target these fish.
The odd rat kingfish and striped tuna being take for anglers trolling out wider towards the Star Banks. A few kings also being taken off the Aerials for anglers fishing for other species.
A few boats getting onto the sand flathead in 30m at Talaberga Island. The fish have been biting best on pilchard but have been taking a variety of baits. Fish a little spread out so covering plenty of ground has been the way to find fish.
Tiger flathead have been a fair bit wider with the majority of fish being taken out in 70-80m of water. They haven’t been too bait specific but again they have only been found in small patches so covering ground has been the way to find them.

Salmon frequenting Tip Beach in the evening. Spinning metal lures through the gutters has been a good way to target these fish. Other than in the evening, fish have also been taken on the high tides throughout the day although in less numbers.
Break wall producing bream, trevally and drummer for anglers fishing prawn pieces in the wash and amongst the surrounding reef.

The various jetties around the lake producing a few nice bream for anglers fishing with fresh prawns. The Main Wharf, the Fisheries Jetty and Karbethong jetty all producing a few nice fish.
Luderick plentiful at the Fisheries Jetties. Anglers fishing weightless mussel still out doing the anglers fishing green weed suspended under floats although a few have been taken this week.
Flathead beginning to appear in the shallows. Try slowly rolling small hardbodies to take these fish. Palmers Bank producing some good results.
Bream are schooled up in various parts of the lake. The top end of the Narrows, Marshmeed, Gypsy Point and Cape Horn the best areas to try. Small vibes working the best as the fish have been a bit finicky. Small grub tailed soft plastics slowly worked through the schools also working.
A few trevally along the rockwalls in the Narrows and at Cape Horn. These fish have been taking small soft plastics very well.

Many thanks,
Ron & Gael
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