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Report 20/10/17

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:46 am
by Nicole Penfold
Still good numbers of kingfish getting around on the offshore reefs. The fish have been a little finicky and have been tending to stay deeper. Try trolling large bibbed diving lures over the reefs out the front of Betka Beach and the Arial’s whilst keeping a close eye on the sounder. Once schools of fish have been located dropping large soft plastics or jigs into the schools have been producing good results.

The gummy shark fishing out wide off Gabo Island has been extremely productive for anglers fishing in 50-60m of water. Whole pilchards, salmon fillets and squid heads the stand out baits but most oily or bloody fish will work. Try drifting with the aid of a sea anchor to slow your drift to allow the sharks to find the baits easier.

Flathead have been inconsistent with the bite varying depending on the day. Talaberga has been the most reliable spot to gather a feed and by dropping pieces of pilchard to the bottom, finding a feed should be fairly simple.

The salmon have been congregating in the gutters at Tip Beach this week. Try fishing here at dawn or dusk for the best results. Casting metal lures in the 25-40g range has been the best technique but casting whole pilchards on ganged hooks into the gutters has also been working alright.
Bream and whiting beginning to be caught at Bastion Point up near the entrance. Bass yabbies or beach worms (if they can be caught) working the best for these fish. Try fishing the smaller gutters and channels just behind the shore break for the best results.

Flathead fishing really firing up with the water temperature pushing 21-22 degrees in much of the lake. Fishing in 1-2m of water with paddle tail or prawn style lures fished on 1/16th – 1/12th weighted jig heads taking the majority of the fish. Try varying the retrieves throughout the day to find out what the fish respond best too.

Tailor and salmon can be caught in Harrisons Channel and Tee Tree Point. These fish can be caught by trolling metal lures or small diving hardbodies around the channels and drop offs.

Luderick still being taken by anglers fishing with green weed suspended under floats at the Fisheries Jetties. Try fishing as close to the pylons as possible with the baits for the best results

Bream have been a bit difficult in the bottom lake. Goodwin Sands and Marshmeed beginning to produce fish on the flats. Try rolling small shallow to medium diving hardbodies around the edges of the flats for the best results. The same fishing can be done at Palmers Bank and Dead Finish in the top lake.

Some numbers of bream also being taken out a little deeper off the drop offs in about 2m of water by fishing small grub and prawn style soft plastics on lightly weighted jigheads. Try find areas that have cleaner water as the lake has been very murky recently.

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