Report 20/12/17

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Report 20/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:06 am

Tiger flathead to be caught in the deeper water straight off the front of gabo. 50-60m of water seems to be the strong hold of fish. Pilchard cubes rigged on double paternoster rigs fished on the bottom taking most of the fish.

Gummy sharks turning up all over the place with many reports of fish being caught from 10m all the way out to 80m of water. They key is to drift as slowly as possible if not no drift at all. Try using fresh oily or bloody fish baits such as whole pilchards, salmon or trevally fillets fished close to the bottom for the best results.

Kingfish still very numerous with feeding schools popping up everywhere. Getting a bite has been proving very tough with many anglers finding fish but not hooking or landing any fish. The key is to stay mobile and fish light lines and small lures in the 80-110mm bracket.

Salmon and tailor still being taken on the beaches. Schools of fish have been moving into the gutters late in the afternoons or sometimes early in the day. Spinning metal lures always a productive method but whole pilchards on ganged hooks taking a few also.
Bream and whiting also in good numbers in the gutters at Bastion Point. Sand worms or bass yabbies always a good option for targeting the numerous fish. Prawns also taking a few bream.

The foreshore jetties and Devlin Inlet producing plenty of flatties for anglers walking the banks or wading flats. Small soft plastic prawn style lures out fishing everything else but small minnow style plastics and hardbodies also taking a few.

Trevally and tailor can also be taken here as by catch or by anglers fishing with pilchards.

Flathead in good numbers along most of the steep drop offs around the lake. The Narrows, Allens Head and Palmers Bank all very popular areas. 80-100mm sized soft plastics the best lure to use.

Tailor throughout most of the lake with many fish causing chaos for lure fisherman. To target these fish try trolling small metal lures or bibbed lures around bait schools or steep drop offs around The Narrows and Goodwin Sands.

Bream have been on and off for many anglers. Bait fisherman taking a few on prawns and bass yabbies in Harrisons Channel and at Goodwin Sands.
For lure anglers the fish have been in good numbers along most of the edges in the lake. They will respond to numerous different lure presentations but natural lures have been taking the better class fish.

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