Report 30/1/18

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Report 30/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:10 am

Striped marlin in good numbers out over the shelf. Anglers trolling large skirted lures or fishing live baits around bait schools taking the fish. Finding the bait has been the key to successfully finding the fish.

In closer the kingfish have been turning up all over the place. Fish ranging from 5-20kg have been frequenting the reefs down south between the Aerials and Little Ram. Anglers trolling hardbodied diving lures, skirts and metal lures taking most of the smaller fish. Larger fish have been taken either by casting large stick baits or soft plastics into surface feeding schools or down rigging squid.

Gummy sharks numerous out off Gabo Island. Anglers fishing with oily fish baits close to the bottom in 40-50m taking the fish up here. Like usual trying to minimise drifting will see the bigger class of sharks taken.

A few makos also to be taken out in the deeper water. Berleying and fishing large dead baits like salmon in the trail taking the sharks. Bronze whalers and hammer head sharks can be targeted in closer (10-20m) using the same technique.

Flathead in 60m of water straight off Bastion Point in good numbers. Any oily bait fished on a paternoster rig close to or on the bottom taking the fish.

Salmon to be taken still in most of the surf gutters. All the usual methods taking fish. Whole pilchards taking the better fish though. There are gummy sharks off Quarry and Secret beach. Fishing with salmon fillets after dark a good way to catch them. There a rebream and whiting in the gutter where the old entrance used to be. Sand worms and bass yabbies accounting for the fish

Tailor and trevally can be caught off the local jetties around the foreshore. Weightless pilchards fished just out from the jetties taking the best fish. Soft plastics also accounting for a few fish also.

Flathead along the camp park jetties for anglers fishing with live prawns. Cast to the steep drop offs on the other side of the channel and bring the prawns back slowly across the bottom for the best success

Flounder and whiting in Harrisons Channel for anglers using bass yabbies. Steep drop offs adjacent to large flats holding the best numbers.
John Bull a good place to drift for flathead and tailor. Half cubes of pilchards the best here.

A few flathead to be taken along the drop offs in the Narrows and Allen’s Head. Live mullet working well. Soft plastics also a good option for anglers who are keen to try them. 80-100mm lures working the best. Small metal vibes also taking fish.

Most of the bream have been taken in 1m or less of water by anglers slowly rolling small bibbed lures over the flats and rubbly bottom. Smaller fat lures working well. Be sure to fish light to get the bite.

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