Report 23/9/15

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Report 23/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:23 pm

it’s a terrific time of year right now! You can almost hear the great cogs of the fishing industry spurring to life, as a wider variety of fish start to be caught and, importantly, we see some lovely spring weather.

While I think we have seen a slightly delayed start to the snapper season, with many of the keenest anglers, distracted by what has been one of the hottest big tuna bites of all time down on the west coast. However, for my money this week has seen a trickle of good reports which no doubt within a week or so will turn to a flood.

We heard of some reasonable fish in the 4-5kg bracket taken between Mornington and Mt Martha, while over in Westernport, the Bouchier and Boultons channels also produced in select locations.

Mick Brittain and Mark Sullivan got this lovely, healthy red recently off Mt Martha. The boys ended up with two fish.
PeninsulaSnapWeb.JPG (45.37 KiB) Viewed 489 times
Staff Morne and young mate Luke Goldstein fished land based at Mordi pier. The boys dropped a couple of reds but did manage to hang on to this specimen. Apparently earlier in the week the Brighton breakwall also fished very well producing a couple of dozen land based snapper.
In other report still a bunch happening on the Tuna at three key destinations – Apollo Bay, Portland and Port Macdonnel. Staff Morne travelled to Apollo Bay with Nick Lazarevski and crew. The boys had a ripping day landing one nice barrel that went 139kg.
The following week Nick and his crew on his boat Reel Weapon, had an incredibly memorable session landing not one, not two but three monster blues in a session.
Reece Kennedy, Dave Standing and Brendan Wing also had a ripping sessions while filming for YouFish TV. The boys lost a fish early on the Saturday only to have another hook-up around lunch time – Reece managing to boat his first barrel! The boys then hooked and released another fish on the Sunday.
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