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Report 16/10/15

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:41 pm
by Nicole Penfold
While there has still been a bit if interest in the big tuna offshore this week, it has been good to see the focus swing around to our favourite fish here in Melbourne, Snapper! The other good news is that we have probably seen the best run of big squid so far for the season – some absolute monsters!

Whether it is urban (or peninsula) myth or truth, I have often heard that we need a good run of calm weather during early Spring to allow big run of breeding squid the opportunity to come through the RIP at the heads and enter the bay. This year could certainly be evidence of this fact as it would seem some of the best big squid fishing we have seen has been happening over this calm start to October.

Point Nepean, Queenscliff and all the tidal areas have been fishing extremely well, while there have been good pockets off Rye, Rosebud and Sorrento too.

Jack Auld landed 7 big squid to just under 50cm hood length on Sunday while fishing out of Queenscliff. The last hour of the ebb tide fished best with black jigs and orange jigs doing plenty of damage. Jack fished 3.5 sized jigs.
John Cahill, Gawaine Blake and Lydia Low found a great patch of whiting in WPB. The guys got some very solid fish including the thumper pictured below.
PeninsulaWhitingWeb.jpg (25.93 KiB) Viewed 691 times
In snapper reports I am pleased to report that we have seen fish being taken over a wide area. I am not going to lie – the fishing is not hot yet, but we are seeing enough to keep us pretty optimistic that it could be a good season. Importantly, for us who live down the south end of the bay, we have seen some fish coming from both the Mt Martha grounds and Mornington. After a couple of up and down seasons in this part of the world, that could mean we are in for a much better season locally.

Juzy and Josh Scott from Tyrone Plumbing had a ripping session this week fishing the top end of Westernport, early Sunday morning. They landed one at 7kg, one at 6.5kg and 3 smaller models. Fresh squid and salmon did the damage.
PeninsulaSnapWeb.JPG (20.13 KiB) Viewed 691 times
Mason Schultz fished westernport on Tuesday afternoon out of Stoney Point. He found plenty of marks but took his time to find a bigger single arch on the sounder, dropping the pick and waiting.
A rod screamed on the bottom of the low, the fish putting on a ripping fight before finally being boated. The snapper went 8.6kg falling to fresh calamari taken earlier in the evening.
PeninsulaMasonWEb1.JPG (44.43 KiB) Viewed 691 times
This angler took advantage of the nice conditions this week down at Rye back beach. He managed a nice gummy on a pilchard on ganged hooks and a salmon which took a popper on low tide.
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