Report 18/2/16

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Report 18/2/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:07 pm

At the moment ythere is pretty good all-round fishing! We have kings offshore, in the rip and at Phillip Island. There are good gummies about, whiting and squid on the weed beds and a host of other species which all seem to be fishing pretty well.

Still flavour of the week we have seen some nice kings taken – albeit they were acting in typical king fashin this week, one day on, one day off! Hard to know when they will go you just have to be johnny on the spot!

Baz from Southern Sport and Game Fishing Charters (0419 851 881) caught up with a school of kings while fishing down at Barwon. The boys managed to put this bunch of rats in the boat in quick succession. All were caught on jigs.
Matt Cini from Reel Time Fishing Charters also had a couple of ripper sessions getting fish on a mix of jigs and live baits.
2PeninMattKing.jpg (17.71 KiB) Viewed 1067 times
We have seen many of these over the last month but Matt Garrett was pleasantly surprised to get this by-catch snapper while fishing for Gummies off Rye. It was the first fish in the new boat – not a bad way to christen her!
3PeninMattSnap.JPG (46.77 KiB) Viewed 1067 times
In other unusual captures this week, Ben Broomfield pulled off a very weird one taking this massive wobby gong shark also while fishing for gummies on the sth channel. What makes this all the more remarkable is that this is the third wobbygong that Ben has caught (all around this size) in the last two years while fishing for gummies. That may be a claim to fame – not sure anyone else has done that in Port Phillip Bay!
James the Chef and good friend Gus, managed this good bag of squid. Squid have been fishing really well at the moment however there is a big variety of sizes. From small to big – they all taste good though!
I thought I would also include a couple of nice write-ups from customers this week. The first is from young fisherman Luke Marchetti:

“Hello, I was fishing in the morning at the end of Blairgowrie Pier for Salmon. I saw a massive leatherjacket swimming on the surface around the pylons, my Dad told me to take the sinker off and drift it past him naturally. The 3rd time I cast he bit my bottom swivel clean off, he then grabbed the bait in his mouth and it was nowhere to be seen. I striked and he started taking drag and he took me under the pier. I held the rod out trying to pull him and the line away. I got him to the surface and he started thrashing and went back down under the pier for another run.

I got him up to the surface and tried to lift him out of the water but I couldn't. I tried three times and then I reeled the line right down to my swivel and I lifted him up onto the pier. I was surprised my 10lb line didn't break and my hook didn't get cut in half from those big teeth, I hooked him in the side of the mouth.

That day I also caught 2 Salmon, 2 Whiting, 2 Tommy Roughs, 1 Silver Trevally and a Wrasse (caught on squid and pilchards). The Leatherjacket was very big and fat and was the biggest one I had ever seen, it was 2kg and was caught on a fresh Squid leg.”
6Peninjacket.jpg (114.23 KiB) Viewed 1067 times
The next write-up is from Andrew Leigh:

“Hey Guys, went out on the weekend off Rye in search of some gummy sharks. The plan was initially head to Flinders pier for some bait collection the day before the big gummy session. Ended up with two squid and a bunch of mullet before I went home to rest up before the big day.

The next day we headed straight to the channel off Rye and anchored for the last two hours of the outgoing tide. It was chaos in the boat when two gummies took two rods at the same time with both getting landed in the boat. Then a bigger third gummy took another bait and a 15minute battle ensued before it was landed as well. The rig of choice for the gummy ended up being the Black Magic Gummy Snatcher with fresh squid tubes and the fillets of mullet (caught the day before).

To top things off on the way back to the boat ramp we tried our luck for some squid and ended up getting 13 squid and 2 cuttlefish within the hour.

The top choice for lure was the Shimano Sephia 3.0 in white. What a weekend fishing and thanks for all the help in store.”
7PeninGummies.JPG (35.36 KiB) Viewed 1067 times
8PeninSquidCuttle.jpg (46.6 KiB) Viewed 1067 times
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