Report 17/3/16

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Report 17/3/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:29 am

The fishing has been nothing short of exceptional this week. Fishing from PPB to WP has been killing it on whiting and pinkies along with some good gummies being caught at night in the channels. The south coast fishing phenomenally on blue fin and even the kings in the good water and of course the marlin fishing on the Victoria and NSW coastline being absolutely amazing. The main thing is to plan ahead for your trips and give the shop a call and we will direct you as best we can to aid you in getting onto some awesome fishing!

Port Phillip Bay has once again seen some good fishing on the whiting as the bite continues! Some of the best whiting fishing the Port has seen in years! The go to baits have been fresh caught calamari this week and of course the good ol' Pippi has done the job for most. Key hot spots have been around the western side of the Port, commonly in Werribee and St Leonard's.

Pinky have been taking the bay by storm lately along with large schools of busting up salmon pushing bait in close. Best pinky grounds have been Mount Martha around 6-9 m of water and around Ricketts Point in 8-10 m of water. Plastics have been key in pumpkin seed and pink pearl flick baits or jerk shads in around 5 inch length.

The salmon have been caught up to 2kg and have been typically around Ricketts and Mordy in shallow, although we have heard of a big school busting up big time at half moon bay the other day! Metal slugs and plastics have been key for these fish.
Some happy customers from Magnet Fishing Charters with a mixed bag!
Joe Larrocca with some great mixed bag from Black Rock!

Once again Western Port has reigned supreme on the whiting with some good catches up to 45cm coming in consistently around tortoise head and Lysaughts in shallow waters of 6m. The squid have started to make their presence felt in these areas too lately with some nice calamari coming in from around Flinders and Quail bank of late. On dark jigs in particular.

Some nice snapper have come through lately in western port around Corinella on fresh calamari for the angler willing to put in the time. The reports have shown some fish around 50cm coming in anglers putting in the hard yards! The key is to mark fish on structure before setting anchor and having a light berley trail going using the secret weapon berley pot!
Some great pinkies around of late!

Lake Tyres
Jim Lazenkas fished at lake Tyres last week and reports that the action is very hot, with some quality bream caught around the 38cm mark. Overall some 30 quality bream, flathead and luderick.

Lee Rayner and Scott Gray headed to Lake Bullen Marri for a fish a couple of days ago and ended up smashing some stonking chinook salmon! The boys had a ball and Scott even caught a massive 11lber!

The marlin fishing has taken a big turn once again and has got even better than before! We didn't think it was going to be possible! With marlin being caught from Eden, Lakes entrance and even Bermagui again. Most fish have been taken on live or skip baits pitched at bait balls With some of the best fishing coming in around Eden off the shelf at the moment.

A world record was even smashed this week! Darren Buttigiegs daughter Makayla of 10 years old smashed it and caught a 147kg Striped Marlin on 24kg tackle! She also managed a pending Australian record of 92.5kg on 15kg tackle! We have received endless reports this week of marlin so here are a few photos from some anglers in various places we have heard and seen fish from!

Canadian Ross Canning with his first ever marlin at Bermagui on 50lb stand up tackle & live bait, he missed out on two bites last year, not this time!
The pending world record marlin caught by Makayla on 24kg tackle off the Eden shelf!
Brian Darmanin and his crew members Rob, Derek, Simon hit Eden on the long weekend and put in some serious hard yards with no bites for 17 hours and 2 days of fishing until at the last possible minute this beautiful black marlin took their live bait! This was their first ever marlin and the boys couldn't be happier! After an epic battle they released it boat side, estimating the fish to be 120kg plus!

Portland has been a whole other story lately as it has been firing up again with the kings but also some phenomenal schools of blue fin tuna have been busting up and getting caught all across the coast here. It has been key to locate the fish using birds and your sounder and follow them silently until they bust up and feed. Getting your first cast in quietly and at distance has been the key here so as not to spook the fish. Most have been getting caught around the 20m line and on white stick baits. Although a lot have been missing but the final key to crack the casting code has been to match the hatch, some of the fish they are feeding on are as small as 3 inch... some plastics might be ideal on lighter tackle.

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Good Fishing

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