Report 13/8/16

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Report 13/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:20 pm

Last weekend was a truly glorious weekend. It has been at least a couple of months since we had a weekend where the sun was shining, the wind was down and the seas were flat. It was no surprise then that we saw a flurry of activity if the fishing front with the ramps looking half busy for the first time in a while. Squid and whiting were definitely topic of the week with plenty caught on both fronts.

Squid can often be found all over the peninsula so there is no real secret there but it was good to see a bunch of whiting being caught off our local waters, which is a good thing at this time of year. Often during winter people will forgo the local whiting fishing to head over to St Leonards where they generally hold up in big numbers through the cooler months.

A few local boys held their own squid comp last Saturday, a chance for a catch-up, a few beers and a bunch of squid. Report regulars, Ben Broomfield, Matt Luscombe, Matt Garett, Clinton Bradey and Johno Richardson to name but a few who took part in the day. The boys mainly fished the weed beds between Tootgarook to Portsea with all catching good bags of squid, in some cases one after the other. Biggest squid for the day had a 36cm hood caught by Andrew Coucard. Many of the squid were modest in size but there was certainly no shortage of them!

Land based we saw some good action on the squid at Portsea too. James Maffescioni managed a very nice squid including one which went 2kg! Frank Christian also fished Portsea managing a good bag of smaller squid, but some good numbers which kept him pretty happy. Over the last couple of days we have heard of some excellent big breeder squid reports coming from Flinders pier too. Although the end of the pier has been closed those in kayaks and small boats have been having a field day amongst the breeders!

Asha-Marie Day and Kyla Day fished the Stony Point Pier with their dad during the last of the run out tide last Sunday morning. Using some berley and pipi baits, they managed some nice Grass Whiting. Though they didn’t have any floats, there were lots of garfish jumping on the surface of the water.
3PeninGum1.jpg (21.88 KiB) Viewed 656 times

Darren Hamilton-Moore has our catch of the week however, with these two thumping gummy shark he took while fishing last week off shore of the peninsula. Darren was fishing with mate Daniel Hatch in 25m of water when they landed Darren’s PB gumbo. The scales they had bottomed out at 30kg, so they are putting the fish in the low 30s and it looks every bit of that! The second gummy of the day was a very respectable 16.8kg…. what a session on the big blue!
3PeninGum2.jpg (21.07 KiB) Viewed 656 times

Ben Broomfield & Matt Luscombe fished the end of the tide on Dusk off Portsea managing this bag of whiting in 1 hour! When they are on, they are on!

A bit further up the bay, or should I say in the heart of Melbourne, John Cahill and Lydia Low went searching for a day time jewie in the yarra river. Using a series of small vibe and hard body lures they were unsuccessful of the mulloway but did catch a bunch of nice bream in the process!
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