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Report 29/9/16

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:25 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Exciting times now and ahead. The fishing is on the improve and this weeks report shows that. Plenty of snapper starting to get caught along with whiting and heaps of squid. The Tuna run has not stopped and its any ones guess as to how long it will go for. With The AFL Grand final this weekend (Go Doggies) we will start to see plenty more anglers on the water from here on. Make sure you check all your gear, Hooks, Leader, Line and make sure your ready for the upcoming fishing season.

Port Phillip Bay
Staff member Lee Rayner with mate Aaron Habgood of Reds fishing adventures filmed a local show for fishing edge during the week. The boys were fishing down the southern end of the bay and caught some nice squid to start off which the used as fresh bait to catch some large whiting to 46 cm. Should be a great show with plenty of local tips and tricks.

Michael fished off Clifton springs last night in 4m of water and picked up a solid red that went 90cm. The fish was caught after dark on the change of tide. This report was similar to multiple others filtering through the shop of large fish caught in shallow water during low light hours. The snapper fishing has definitely gained momentum over the last week making for very promising signs.

On Monday morning Laura and Amelia headed out from Clifton Springs with their father and grandmother in the hope of getting a few squid for dinner and bait for the up coming snapper season. It didn't take long to locate a good patch of squid with red and green jigs the preferred colour. These two girls are fishing machines and seem to catch more fish than the rest of us.

Dale sent in this report of some lovely Snapper he caught whilst fishing in the northern part of the bay. Dale said he was fishing in 8 metres and just as the sun went down he caught these two fish which weighed 5.4 kgs and 6.2 kgs along with losing another. Very exciting times.

Western Port
Staff member Lee McD and friend Clee caught some nice snapper during the week at the top end of western port. Fishing the last if the run in tide with fresh squid the boys caught some nice Snapper to 5 kgs and a little gummy aswell. Great to see a few report filtering through in the reds.

Staff member Mitch along with mates Olly and Rob, fished down the southern end of westernport on Monday. After a near disastrous beach launch at Shoreham in the aptly named vessel "Shambles," the boys eventually ventured out in search of gummy. The boys got on to these two good eating size gummies weighing 4-5kg. Both fish were caught late morning on squid and barracuda that had been caught earlier in the day. It definitely pays to have fresh baits especially when your not fishing prime bite times such as sunrise and sunset.

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