Report 8/4/17

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Report 8/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:36 pm

No doubt this week plenty of people will be heading off to their favourite easter destinations. It’s a traditional weekend where plenty of campers and anglers hit the roads, in search of a relaxing weekend away and a few fish to boot.

Locally, we have been blessed by the weather. Really the entiriety of March and this early part of April have been nothing short of sensational. Consequently we have still seen lots of fishing and a lot of good fish coming in.

Some of the notable bites include the snapper run off Mornington over the last couple of weeks. There have been some really hot sessions where anglers were literally catching them hand over fist. The Ansetts area right up to parts of Frankston have seen good snapper – a really strong late season run.

Marissa and Alexander caught their very first snapper off Mornington last week. Congrats from the team at Compleat Angler - hopefully the first of many!
1FourSnaps.jpg (19.83 KiB) Viewed 1099 times

Gummy shark have been fishing very well too. March and April are often good months for gummies before the water in the bay cools off too much and this year has been no exception. We have seen lots of anglers catching 3 and 4 gummies in a session which for southern Port Phillip Bay standards, is pretty bloody good. The sth channel from Rosebud to Sorrento – always a favourite, has produced plenty, while some of the anglers fishing for snapper up around the mud island mussle farm have also been getting quite a few by-catch gummies.

Cam and his son Matt, caught a 15kg gummy while fishing the Rye Channel. The guys used salmon for bait.

This wobbegong has been caught by Ben Broomfield and Matt Luscombe about 5 times on the same gummy shark mark. Obviously a resident in this particular location within the bay.... the guys do the right thing each time and let her swim - safe to be caught another day!

King George whiting should be good for easter with patches right along the peninsula. I honestly believe we are already seeing positive effects of less nets in the bay. The whiting have been more consistent over the last 6-9 months than they have been in years. Honestly, any of your local hotspots are worth a try – there have been plenty around.

For the land based angler, good gars have been available at Rye, Blairgowrie and Dromana pier. While the squid have also bee consistent with some better size amongst the over the last two weeks. Patch of salmon are also being caught.

Ben Broomfield fished Port Welshpool for a whopping bag of big ol flatties. Dig the hoodie Benny, now there's a throw back!

Brett Elwers and some mates from the forum, fished the Murray river for a few days catching some nice littly Murray cod. Brett pictured.
5MurrayCod.jpg (55.26 KiB) Viewed 1099 times

Jason Minchin caught this fish about a month ago off Barwon Heads.... ahhh sweet Tuna.

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For more information feel free to drop in and see us at Peninsula Compleat Angler, 11 Boneo Rd in Rosebud, Victoria. Ph: 03 5981 1994.

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