Report 10/8/17

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Report 10/8/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:43 am

This is the time of year when the Squid are out in full force, and it's the perfect excuse to head out for a day of bait catching in preparation for Snapper season, or to land yourself some A grade tucker in the form of fresh Calamari. Fishing for these strange looking creatures can vary when using traditional jigs, one day an erratic retrieve is needed and the next the squid will take a slowly drifted presentation. It pays to experiment with retrieves when out on the water, to maximise your chances of success.
With the start of our Squid Photo Competition, we've had a flood of entrants, so I thought this would be a great time to show off some of the cracking squid that are getting around at the moment.

Western Port
Jason Dean took his mate over to Tyabb Bank in search of his first Squid. Using a Blackmagic 2.5 size Squid Jig, resulted in this stunning specimen.


Natalie Powell was out fishing with her Mum and Pat, off Quail Bank, when she thought she had become snagged on the bottom. Suddenly the bottom turned into this nice squid, and she was ecstatic to bring it aboard.


Trav Hollingsworth was having a slow day off of Tyabb Bank, when out of nowhere this nice Squid came along and monstered a static jig. Quite often just having a slow drifting Jig out the back of the boat can produce results on quiet and calm days.


Port Phillip Bay
Jack Williamson caught this beauty off Sorrento earlier in the week, just as the light was fading. He fished a size 3.0 Jig and reports that this awesome specimen pulled hard and really got the heart pumping!


Daniel Papas recently landed this true 'kraken' with a hood that measured an impressive 51cm! Young Daniel fished the northern reaches of Port Phillip Bay, using a super shallow squid jig. Fishing at night can result in some really good egi fishing, as squid have amazing eyesight and don't struggle at all to see the Jigs.


Lake Karkarook
Staff member Rhys, braved the wintery rain and weather last week and went in search of his first Melbourne trout at Lake Karkarook. Fishing a weedless Zman watermelon grub, produced this healthy specimen from the Baker Street end of the Lake. Many local dams and lakes around Melbourne are stocked with fish regularly. Head in store and speak to the guys for the right advice the next time you're planning an urban excursion.


It seems like forever since we had some reports out of Bermi that werent to do with estuary species, but it's so hard NOT to report on this system when it's producing absolute donkeys like this! James and Melissa have been holidaying up in this gorgeous part of the world, and have made themselves known to the local Black Bream population, infact they're probably on a first name basis with them by now!


Port Fairy
The guys on board 'Salty Dog' charters had a ripper of a time recently, landing plenty of Gummy Sharks and some nice snapper to boot! The guys have been lucky to take advantage of some really nice weather windows that have been available to them, and it's paid off by the look of it!


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