Report 25/3/19

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Report 25/3/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:45 am

I have been whiting fishing 3 times since my last report for not very many fish. First trip was during the neap tides between March New and Full moon. The soldier crabs couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed so I went home without wetting a line. A few days before the March Full Moon I fished the run out tide with yabbies, soldier crabs and live surf worms. I really had to work hard for 4 good whiting from 29cm to 35cm. I tried all my usual spots for 3 hours without a bite. The water was full of foul floating weed which made it almost impossible to fish. When I finally found a few good ones an hour from the bottom of the tide I was chased off the water by a storm that built up in the south west. I would like to know if anyone out there has had any success in the Maroochy river with live surf worms. Please contact me if you have and share your secret, as I have now tried them on numerous occasions without success.

Next day, in almost perfect conditions, I once again fished the run out but could only manage 2 whiting to 30cms. This was very disappointing, as the water was just showing a little colour from the 150mls of rain run off we had in early March. I was confident of doing well but went home with my tail between my legs. Worth noting was the fact, that only one of the 6 whiting I caught over the 2 days was a female (in half roe) and the rest were boys. I did manage 2 nice bream around 28cm which I released. This could be an indicator of an early showing on this year’s bream run.

While I was out and about there were schools of herring being smashed by predators all over the lower reaches. The water was alive with silver showers of escaping baitfish. Also on two occasions large prawns (5 inch) leapt from the water almost beside my boat being pursued by something toothy. I saw several small gar, indicating that the annual run of these delectable little fish is just around the corner.

My 20 year old hull recently started to take a lot of water on board each trip (about 100 litres). I didn’t realize it was so bad until I dropped the bungs out at the ramp and it took 10 minutes to drain. When I took the floor out I found quite a few pin holes had developed in different places. I stripped the floor out (first time in 20 years) what a bugger of a job. I decided to try and patch it internally and externally with a Selleys product called KNEAD it (metal). It’s a polymer repair compound that sticks to aluminium like the proverbial s**t to a blanket. After 3 trips on the water the product is still hanging on well and my hull is water tight…has not leaked a drop. So far it has proved to be a very economical solution (about $17 at Bunnings) to my leaking problem. I’ll keep you posted.

Okay, so soon we will be moving into the cross over of summer and winter species. The whiting should hang in for another month or so but you will really have to be prepared to use all your guile and local knowledge to bring home a decent feed. Maybe night fishing will produce better results? Local reports indicate that the bream I caught were not just a fluke and there are a few about. They will improve over the next month. Regional newspapers report quality flathead are still being caught around Chambers island and the motorway bridge on live baits and lures. By the April full moon the first real run of eastern sea gar should have started if they are up to their usual habits. As for me, I’m heading overseas to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Ireland for a month, so I’ll see you all in mid-May.

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Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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