Report 28/3/18

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Report 28/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:01 am

The old saying ‘Once in a blue moon’ really will be in effect this Easter as it is a Blue Full Moon on Easter Saturday. Of course, as far as moon phases go, this should translate to full creels and happy fishos. The way the river is fishing currently, I think this may just be the case.

A few days before the Blue moon. I had the pleasure of spending a morning on the river with Maroochy Surf Club surf guru, Woodsy. He has been around surf clubs even longer than I have and I was keen to see if his fishing skills matched his surfing ability, which is legendary. We pumped 40 yabbies and started fishing the run back tide as it was coming off the sand banks. Starting over near Picnic Point I set up my 2 customary rods out the back of the boat. Woodsy loaded up a yabby and did the worst cast out I’ve seen this year, landing perhaps 10 feet from the boat. Off course, me being the whiting expert knew this was to close to the boat and advised him to get further out if he wanted to catch a fish. Ignoring my expert advice, he landed a nice whiting about 28cm. He did another fluffy duck cast and soon had another quality whiting to 30cm in the esky. By now I was showing nervous concern about my prowess. ‘Arr…It’s just beginners luck,’ said Woodsy as he hauled his third nice whiting aboard. Fortunately (for me) I was able to haul him back a bit, when I landed a couple of good whiting just under the 30cm mark.

I grabbed some soldier crabs as soon as they came out and headed for the undulations at spot Y to catch the last 2 hours of the run out. The river is still holding its dirty colour from the rain run-off we have had this month, and to my way of thinking it is just perfect for quality whiting. Woodsy stuck with the yabbies (I think he thought I was mad as I ran around picking up soldier crabs) and he boated the whiting of the day which went 34cm. The soldier crabs soon started to work their magic as I landed three good whiting and a couple of nice bream (released) and it wasn’t long before Woodsy switched to soldier crabs. Then we entered into the twilight zone part of the trip. We both hooked into a pretty good fish at the same time, which you would have to label a double hook up in normal fishing terms. As we played our fish back to the boat it became apparent that our lines had crossed over and we were trying to work out who had the fish and who had the tangle. Both of us were astonished when a close inspection of the 33cm whiting we landed, revealed both lines disappearing into its mouth. The fish had swallowed our two baits at the same time. The chances of this occurrence, could surely happen only once in a ’Blue Moon’. A very pleasant morning on the water produced 13 whiting and a first of the season garfish (see photo).

Okay, so school holidays are going to increase the traffic on the river for a couple of weeks but after that I think we are in for a fishing bonanza around the full and new moon phases of the next few months. The show of garfish this week is the earliest I have seen them in the river for years as they don’t usually show up till the end of the April full moon. On my last couple of trips, I have been releasing quality bream to 27cm. I have also been releasing flathead caught on yabbies and soldier crabs so there are a lot of fishing options for you, if you target your species, specific.

I noticed lot of big sea mullet working around Goat Island this week, so it won’t be long till we are into the full swing of our winter species. I only have one reader who makes regular contact with me and we have been able to help each other with information on several occasions. So the rest of you out there who tune in regularly, don’t be so shy…feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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