Report 23/5/18

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Report 23/5/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed May 23, 2018 2:14 pm

It’s almost 2 weeks since I last fished the Maroochy. Leading up to the May new moon, I fished the last of the runout tide to see if there were still some decent summer whiting hanging around. Failing this, my intention was to fish the run-in tide for a feed of garfish. The river was almost a chocolate colour from a substantial drop of rain a week before. I knew there would be no garfish (they hate dirty water) till the tide had turned and clean water started pushing back in from the ocean.

My deck hand Woodsy, landed 3 just keeper whiting on yabbies while we were waiting for the soldier crabs to came out. With crabs for bait, I landed 2 whiting better than 30cm and a sole at 32cm, on the very last of the run back. After luncheon adjournment at Woodsies place overlooking the river, we proceeded to fish the young flood tide with soldier crabs. I locked into the fish of the day landing a nice whiting at 39cm proving that there is still quality whiting in the river that haven’t retired for the winter break, just yet.

Now that I know that the gar are well and truly here for winter I always carry a rod rigged with a float for them. Because it was a neap tide, the current was flowing in very slowly. Looking towards the bar mouth I could see the clean water pouring through the entrance and hoped that the gar would be following close behind. I made sure the burley bucket was working well and as soon as clean water reached us, the gar float baited with yabby suddenly pulled down under the water and I was into a 35cm gar from tip to the fork of its tail. In less than an hour we boated 30 quality gar and threw back just as many small ones. We ended up with a nice mixed bag for our efforts (see photo).

I have just had the pleasure of spending a week in the van, down at beautiful pristine Brunswick Heads. It is a quiet little village situated on the Brunswick river between Kingscliff and Byron Bay. We were in The Terrace Reserve Holiday Park in Fingal Street which is situated right on the banks of Simpsons creek with a 10 mins walk to the surf beach. I caught worms on the beach then fished the holes that were gouged out by big seas. Working the morning tides, I caught whiting, bream and flathead. In the afternoons I fished the creek, which is a sandy inlet beside the caravan park, using my fishing kayak. On the run-back tide using yabbies which are prolific in the creek, I scored a half dozen quality whiting each trip. On the last day I landed a pigeon pair of whiting measuring 37cm (see photo). The whiting were very dark in colour indicating they had been flushed downstream by heavy rain the week before. By the end of the week I was so stuffed I had to come home for a rest. We went for a drive along the coast and there were thousands of sea mullet in every river and creek that we looked at. They should arrive in the Maroochy in due time if the net fishermen don’t devastate them on their run up the coast.

So back to the Maroochy. With the sudden cold snap of the past week I anticipate the much-awaited run of quality yellow fin bream will begin in earnest. My favourite places for bream are the deep holes and gutters around Goat Island and there is plenty of structure in the shape of pontoons and jetties along the Duporth St high rises that provide temporary living quarters for the big bream that come to the Maroochy for their annual winter vacation. My best bait for bream is a slab of fresh mullet flesh or gar and of course you can’t beat a live yabby dangling from a hook. Don’t forget the burley bucket over the side of the boat to increase your catch ten-fold.

For more info feel free to email me at Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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