Report 5/6/18

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Report 5/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:22 pm

My last trip on the Maroochy was right on the June full moon a week ago. The river was still very fresh from nearly 200mls of rain that had fallen throughout the month of May up to the 25th. Fishing the run back with a couple of mates from Brisvegas we targeted whiting with yabbies and soldier crabs. The whiting proved to be most elusive as we only landed one decent one at 35cm. The good news is that we caught some excellent bream to 34cm in prime winter condition. Next day we planned to fish for gar on the run up tide and you would not believe it…that night, the 28th, we had another 42mls of rain. The river went from a brown colour back to dark chocolate overnight.

As I have stated previously the gar do not like a lot of fresh in the river, so I knew that it would only be worth our while to fish towards the top of the tide in clean water for them. With high tide at 8.30am and the sun not out of bed till 6am these days, we only had 1 and a half hours of fishing till slack water. The gar stop biting completely at slack water. We managed 30 odd good-sized gar before they went off the bight. Next day we did the same thing and caught 50 gar between us but some of them should have been throw backs as they were a bit small to keep. One of the boys managed a nice whiting to 36cm while we were pumping a few more yabbies.

For our 3 days fishing we ended up with a very good mixed bag of bream, whiting, grunter bream and gar. All the bream we caught were in prime condition and I would have to say that it looks like most of the whiting may have departed for winter. I bumped into old mate on the Wednesday and he said that he also had been catching some decent bream to 35cm. So, I guess the indicators are saying that the winter run of bream has begun in earnest.

When I target bream, I like to pick a spot where I can fish back to some structure such as a sunken tree, bold bank or pontoon etc. Bream like to congregate here while searching for a tasty morsel on which to dine. Set your berley bucket up so that the berley drifts back towards the structure. This will draw the bream out to investigate the nice tit bits drifting their way. You can entice them right up to the back of the boat with a good berley trail. Fish as lightly as possible to allow your bait to become part of the berley. Using light tackle, bream can provide hours of fun (especially for the kids) when they are on the chew.

All local reports indicate that there are quality tailor being caught in the river at all the usual spots i.e. Motorway Bridge and the river mouth, if they are your kettle of fish. The cold snap of the last week has really brought the winter species in the river to life.

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Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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